UCSC Transfer Fall 2022

Saw there wasn’t a UCSC thread. When are decisions coming out?


idk but last year it came out on 1 april

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Tagged UCSC, but looked at on campus housing costs yesterday, omg.
$1850/mo for a bedroom in an on campus apartment, no food plan. A lot more than other campuses.
Regretting TAG now:(

I thought it came out on the 17th last year

i mean i applied for transfer last year and my decision came out on 1 april so

I hope it comes out that early this time I can’t wait this long lol

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super nervous about results coming up, what are your stats?
hii less than a month til results and im so scared : (
applied to Humboldt, UCSC, UCSD, UCI
Major: Psychology
Gpa: 3.74
Extracurriculars: off-campus job, psych TA, some past internships not relevant to psych (unfortunately my university doesn’t have much endowment in the area + I had to work, which I mentioned in my essays)
Job experience: worked 25-35 hrs a week
Fasfa/income bracket: 0 EFC, PELL recipient
State/Country: CA resident, though attending an OOS private
Any extra strengths or any important weaknesses?: Began college at 14, I’m currently 16. Raised by a single mother, CA resident, first gen immigrant
TAG: no, but IGETC completed (I think??), and prereqs for psych
super nervous as im not a calcc transfer


should we expect decisions friday

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i wouldnt say expect it but they could potentially start rolling out friday

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I hope so. they said “April” which is sooo vague

I’m so nervous! I applied as a sophomore transfer so I’m assuming I will here towards the end of the month after they send out TAG and Junior.

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has it released for anyone?

Nope, I am also waiting very nervous tho

Released for me. same day as last year (when i got rejected). 3.2 GPA CS acceptance

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just now?

ACCEPTED! checked the portal, no email


a few people on r/transferstudents said it did

it would be in messages right? also congrats!! whatre ur stats

nothing yet im scared :(( what’s the usual time range that they release decisions?