UCSC Waitlist 2020

Hi everyone, I have not seen any discussion thread about UCSC waitlist tracking so I am making one. Please comment if you know anything about UCSC waitlist treads.

hey does anyone know when the appeal decisions should start coming in?

Per the admissions message:
“Freshman appealing their original admission decision will receive a response by April 20. Transfer appeals received by the deadline will be responded to within 21 calendar days.”

@California1919 it looks like in previous years they have all come out on April 20th, so I am assuming that is what will happen this year too

I just got notified that I am waitlisted as a transfer student for the fall of 2020.
I have a 3.9 gpa and i’m a business & economics major. Hoping to hear back sometime next month, i’m debating appealing it and sending a LOCI.

So this year they come out april 20th? someone else in this chat said that was for 2019. Where did you get this info?

The portal says appeal decisions will come out by April 20th.

Hey guys I just got waitlisted. Applied as human bio and I have a 3.9.

I didn’t meet the pre reqs for admission into my major so this decision was very surprising. I initially tagged but a situation with my bio class got messed up. Essentially I was supposed to take an accelerated bio sequence in two semesters instead of the typical three in the schools around my area. This accelerated sequence was articulated at one college and a sister college that is closer to me began offering this class too starting this semester. I registered for the class at the college closer to me, but since it is brand new it isn’t articulated For that specific college even tho it’s the same exact class that is articulated at the other college for almost any UC’S except ucsd which is my top and only real shot at this point.

I got the email a lot of ppl got of where like I should change into a non screening major so idk if since I don’t have pre reqs this hinders my waitlist chances as well if I will be accepted into my initial major or something else even tho I didn’t apply to change my major.

Anyway that’s just my story. College decisions are weird. Any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated!

Son got waitlisted (4.15, 1400). First choice Computer Engineering, 2nd Electrical Engineering. They do not let us know which major he is waitlisted for. He got accepted at UC Merced (CS), ASU (CS), UA (CS) & UCR (EE).

My appeal to get off the waitlist was just denied. Does anyone know when the waitlist decisions start to come out bc the email only says that they’ll notify us by mid June?

@Gumbymom can you please post the statistics for the previous years’ waitlists for ucsc? Also, do you anticipate more people getting accepted through the waitlist because of the current situation w/ covid?

2019 stats:
Waitlist offers: 12,859
Waitlist opt-ins: 7,576
Waitlist admits: 4,686

2018 Data:
Number of qualified applicants offered a place on waiting list: 12,504
Number accepting a place on the waiting list: 7,453
Number of wait-listed students admitted :149

2017 Data:
Number of qualified applicants offered a place on waiting list:10,378
Number accepting a place on the waiting list: 6038
Number of wait-listed students admitted: 2236
Is your waiting list ranked? No

2016 Data:
Number of qualified applicants offered a place on waiting list: 9983
Number accepting a place on the waiting list: 5707
Number of wait-listed students admitted: 4097
Is your waiting list ranked? No

No one can predict how this current situation will affect the waitlist decisions.

Does anyone have an idea of when waitlist decisions might start coming out?

I’m guessing May 1/2 will be the first wave of either rejections/acceptances. Could be the last week of April, depending on how many people reject the offer to attend here.

I also got waitlisted, but I pushed up an appeal last week so i’m hoping to hear back from them next week on that.

Last year the wait list acceptance waves came out 5/10, 5/21 and 5/31 with the rejections finalized 6/12.


We’re Out of State, and my son was waitlisted at UCSC for Computer Science, but just this week he was admitted. We didn’t even know. UCSC emailed us about how things will go during the Summer into the fall, and I figured I’d tell my son to check his portal again. He checked it last night, and got the congratulations post in his portal.

Congratulations to your son! Out of curiosity is he a transfer student?

If you don’t mind me asking, was this through an appeal or just wait list admit?

@joshinthepark, He’s not a transfer. He’ll be a Freshmen in college next year. @HighSchoolKid123, it was just a regular wait list admit. He was wait listed about a month ago and we weren’t going to appeal. He did accept the wait list. We just found Tuesday night, so he’s not even sure when his portal changed.

3.9 GPA weighted or unweighted? Also what was your SAT/ACT and extracurriculars?