UCSC Waitlist 2020

Last year the wait list acceptance waves came out 5/10, 5/21 and 5/31 with the rejections finalized 6/12.


We’re Out of State, and my son was waitlisted at UCSC for Computer Science, but just this week he was admitted. We didn’t even know. UCSC emailed us about how things will go during the Summer into the fall, and I figured I’d tell my son to check his portal again. He checked it last night, and got the congratulations post in his portal.

Congratulations to your son! Out of curiosity is he a transfer student?

If you don’t mind me asking, was this through an appeal or just wait list admit?

@joshinthepark, He’s not a transfer. He’ll be a Freshmen in college next year. @HighSchoolKid123, it was just a regular wait list admit. He was wait listed about a month ago and we weren’t going to appeal. He did accept the wait list. We just found Tuesday night, so he’s not even sure when his portal changed.

3.9 GPA weighted or unweighted? Also what was your SAT/ACT and extracurriculars?

Hey everyone, I’m currently still on the waitlist. Has anyone heard anything new, since it is now after May 1st? Does anyone have any idea when the first wave of acceptances come out for the room that clears up after the SIR deadline?

Hey! I heard that UCLA started letting IS students off, has anyone heard anything from Santa Cruz? And do you think they’re gonna let more people than normal off due to COVID-19

Hopefully the first wave will happen this week. It’s hard to tell if more students will be accepted off waitlist. Visas for international students are unclear so that may open up spots. But, some students are choosing to stay closer so home so that may increase CA acceptance of offers. Wishing everyone luck:)

When did waitlists come out in 2019?

Last year the first round was sent out May 10th

I am currently on the waitlist too and I was wondering if admissions base your chances of getting in by stats or wherever you are on the waiting list. Also, for provisional acceptances, do they look at the end of your semester 2 grades or wherever your grades happen to be when they check? Hopefully they take in more students due to covid though

I’m not sure if it’s by stats or where we are, but I do know that they look at end of semester 2 grades :slight_smile: good luck everyone!!

My son was just accepted off of the waitlist. Did not yet receive an email but was in the portal under admission status. Japanese major SAT 1490 GPA 3.5

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I was just accepted off the waitlist. Didn’t receive email, Neuroscience major 1110 SAT and 3.89 GPA.

Son was accepted off the waitlist. He has until May 9th to decide.
Computer Science

UC Unweighted GPA: 3.86
UC Capped Weighted GPA: 4.23
UC Fully Weighted GPA: 4.23
ELC (top 9%): My school does not rank

Comments about course load:
SAT 1300 (710 Math, 590 Critical Reading)
SAT Subject Tests: Chemistry 700, Math2 670
AP exams: Chemistry(4), AP Comp Sci Principles(5), currently enrolled in CalcBC, Physics, Comp Sci

State: In State
High school type: Public

Gender: Male

Applied for need-based financial aid?: No
Pell grant eligible?: No
Maximum Pell grant (FAFSA EFC = $0)? No

Highest level of parent education: Masters
Living with both, one, or no parents?: Both

Accepted off of the waitlist for Biology. 3.9 gpa 1300 SAT. Instate

My son just got off the waitlist for applied physics.

I was just accepted off the waitlist for my major Literature! I had a 27 ACT and 3.4-3.5ish GPA

just got off waitlist
Human bio major, 1330 sat and 3.6 UW. Go slugs!