UCSD fall 2020 transfer WAITLIST

Hey guys! Thought I’d start a forum for those waitlisted at UCSD:)

Waitlisted for mechanical engineering
3.5 gpa

I’m waitlisted for sociology with a 3.35

3.62 for Economics

can’t believe we have to wait until the end of July to hear back! seems like forever

@danielaliz i know! This process is so stressful. I was reading an old transfer waitlist thread for UCSD and it said most of them heard in June so let’s hope it comes out soon!!!

Waitlisted for Psychology with a 3.25

Political Science 3.3 GPA

Also, I found this interesting.

@danielaliz last year the first wave of waitlist acceptances came out the second week of June

Wait do you guys have to write a brief statement on why you would like to be accepted when you opted in to the waitlist? No right? Because all I saw on my portal was just a yes or no check box. Just want to confirm!

Only yes or no. I heard only a few specific UC’s give students the opportunity to submit a statement. I don’t think UCSD is one of them

Hey everyone, are you guys thinking about SIR at another school? Would it be a not so good idea of just waiting to hear back?

Do any of you know if the waitlist is by major or just by the luck of the draw?

Does anyone know if you’re waitlisted for your primary or secondary major?

@moatsndboats I have heard its by number of seats available for each major specifically. But within each major, random. If that makes sense

Don’t quote me on that though lol

@transfer20199 that is simultaneously reassuring and unnerving.
I appreciated the info though.

Waitlisted for Computer Science with a 3.4 GPA at the time of my application

Does it say anywhere what major we were waitlisted for? I just wanted to know whether I am on the waitlist for my primary or alternate major

do u guys think that theres a higher than normal chance of getting in off the waitlist because of everything going on currently? i just want to know my chances of getting off so bad lmao