UCSD Research Scholar internship program for high schoolers

my daughter got admitted to the Academic Connections (AC) HS program at UCSD and I understand that they are going to pick a subset of those people and admit them to the Research Scholar (RS) program. Unfortunately, they are going to make the decision only in mid-April and we have to decide on some other admissions well before that (by April 1). My daughter only wants to do RS and not the AC so this is a bit tricky for us. She is a sophomore and I want to know if anyone in that grade has been admitted to the RS program in the past. It looks very competitive and I have a doubt that they will only pick juniors. Any help/guidance is appreciated.

Hi, I am in the same position as you. I believe in the email they sent for the admission to AC, they said that if the student is rejected from RS, the student will have the choice whether they want to attend AC or not. If the student does not, the housing and tuition fees will be refunded.

it’s tricky with all these summer programs and different decision deadlines. it’s 04/19 now & I haven’t heard any news on UCSD RS acceptance for my son yet. Hope he can get into RS, otherwise he will attend the UCSD AC since he didn’t want to apply for COSMOS :-(. anyone got accepted to RS yet??? anyone?

My daughter finally heard from them yesterday (19th) and she did get accepted to the RS program!! We are now seriously considering withdrawing our acceptance from the other program (and taking a $$ penalty) since she really had the RS as her top choice. Too bad all these programs have different deadlines - i think they may even do this intentionally to make extra money (through withdrawl penalties)…

Congrats to #kravic & your daughter. I believe the RS is much more prestigious. My son (a freshman) still has not heard back. I think the AC program will be good for him too since it’s the first time he experience this kind of residential program away from home. Good luck to the rest of us whom are still waiting. Just wondering if UCSD will formally send a reject email or silence is the message?

Thanks #Twinskle. One of my daughter’s friends got a rejection letter from the RS on Tuesday so it does look like they are sending them out. I am not sure if they have a deadline to let you know. If they haven’t rejected yet, maybe it means your son is still under consideration! Anyways, if i was you, i would send them a mail on Monday to check on the status.