UCSD Theatre program vs WWU Theatre program??

Son has just recently been accepted to UCSD (ERC) for Theatre , and WWU (Western Washington University) for Theatre. Neither of these schools were his first choice, so now he’s trying to choose between them. Is there anyone who has experience with either of these programs? He’s particularly interested in acting. He already has pros and cons for each school, but they mainly have to do with the location. I think we need to hear a little more about the actual theatre programs before he can make an educated decision.
Thanks so much!

@we4intx UCSD has a partnership with the La Jolla Playhouse and I’ve heard very good things about the opportunities that offers to students but I don’t know anyone who has actually attended. San Diego is one of the best metro areas in California for live theatre. I have never heard anything good or bad about WWU so I can’t help there. Congratulations on his acceptances!

My S was admitted to UCSD last year. We and he felt very good about the program. I also have a good friend whose S just graduated from UCSD and raves about the experience. I think it would have been an excellent choice for him based on our research and experience. It was tough to see him let it go come decision day.

Wondering what your S decided and how he likes what he chose. My daughter got into WWU still waiting to hear from UCSD. Really hard to compare those programs.