Hello all. I was hoping to get some help on deciding between UCSD and UCD. Thank you for your time.

Intended Major: Mechanical engineering, and then probably double majoring in aerospace. I am strongly considering switching to Computer Science and Engineering, CS, or CE, OR double majoring/minoring in any of the previously mentioned fields.

Money is not a deciding factor, but it could be nice to be able to save some for hobbies and other things.

UC Davis:

  • Pretty chill, I think less stressful?
  • Close to home ( < 30-minute drive) - more freedom
  • Know a few people who are currently attending


  • Seems like there are fewer opportunities for research/internships in fields I’m interested in (namely robotics and CS)

UC San Diego

  • It seems like there are more opportunities for research in fields I’m interested in
  • Potentially a stronger culture for makers? Nether really seem to have this, however.
  • You can specialize in controls & robotics (although UCD does have a fair amount of classes similar to ones you’d take for this)


  • Seems like the social life isn’t very strong
  • Far away from home (about 7 hours)

The main thing I’m looking for is advice based on the opportunities for research/internships available. I am very interested in robotics (and to a lesser extent CS and CSE). While I did research them, I’m having a hard time understanding what they’d mean for me (for example, when I was researching MIT or CalTech I was able to tell that there is a LOT of robotics research and ways to get involved. I can’t really say the same for UCSD or UCD).

So generally, which do you think would be easier to get involved in robotics research/labs with (or research in general).

Lastly, any general advice is also welcome. Thank you for your time!

If you want to switch to CS(E), look up how difficult it will be at each school.


Here is some information on Robotics research for each school:



Neither school will be easy to switch into CS/CSE since both are capped/selective majors. UCD would be slightly easier since there is no lottery associated with the CS major switch like at UCSD.