UD Acceptance Class of 2023

Daughter was accepted this past weekend into the School of Engineering. Very excited, 1290 SAT, 3.7 GPA with lots of EC’s. Was also nominated for the Leadership in Service Scholarship by her Youth Leader. UD is her first choice and also her first acceptance.

Daughter was also accepted late last week. 1290 SAT and 3.4 GPA (3.7 WGPA). Any idea when they release any merit aid awards?

Did they send an email with acceptance or did you check portal?

No email. She just checked the portal after I prompted her to. UDs Instagram post/story showed an acceptance on Saturday so I just took a chance and asked her to look. Looks like they also sent out letters via US mail. Thinking she should receive that early this week. No sure about merit aid, but I would guess it would be early 2019. Again that’s just a guess.

Daughter checked portal this morning and she was accepted into College of Adolescent Education. She had a 3.9 Ap and Honors with only a 23 on ACT. We are so excited!! This is all she wanted

My son was also accepted into the School of Engineering! Dayton is definitely high on his list. Does anyone know whether there are any extra scholarships associated with the Honors program? And, when will Dayton notify everyone about merit aid in general?

S accepted as well. Anxious for word on merit $.

My niece recvd her acceptance last Nov 1. Does anyone know when merit award letters will be sent?

My S19 was accepted last week as well. No email, just checked the portal followed by a letter in the regular mail.

Accepted as a communications major and into the honors college, 34 ACT, 4.282 weighted GPA and 3.795 unweighted, 8 APs and decent ECs

Accepted as a finance major, 30 act, 3.0 UW, 3.1 W. Only one AP as of junior year grading period, but excellent EC’s; Student Body President, other leadership activities. Coming from a very reputable/well known high school.

Accepted 11/14. 3.9 UW GPA, 29 ACT. I got into the physics-cs program but wasn’t aware it wasn’t in the college of Engineering, so I’m switching my major to computer engineering. Strong ECs. Downside to app is I failed a class junior year due to medical issues (GC talked about it in rec), but I still got in. Super happy.

My daughter got her acceptance today to the honors program.

MY daughter received her scholarship info via email yesterday. Letter stated that a formal letter would be coming in January. The letter listed all scholarship she received. We are very happy and UD is now at the top of her list.

Hmmm. My S is in line for a merit scholarship, but we didn’t get an email yesterday. Did her portal page update with the scholarship information?

My daughter”s portal had the information yesterday on merit

I contacted them and they said the scholarship information is rolling out so some people may not get theirs until next week. They said they were a little late sending everyone’s notices.

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My daughter received her merit award yesterday: $99,080 over 4 years, starting with $22,000 the first year and the $3,000 study abroad scholarship. Pretty happy with that, but that still leaves a lot to cover.

Did your daughter have to do an extra application for the study abroad scholarship? My daughter was accepted into honors. We have not year heard about merit/need. I am disappointed that she did not know she had to jump through hoops for the leadership scholarship - there was not enough information on the website and we didn’t realize she had to be nominated and apply early for that one. Now I’m afraid it may be the same for the study abroad scholarship.

Does anyone know if/when UD announces any additional scholarships? I know there are the main merit awards they have listed on the website, but I thought there were others for which freshmen are considered?