UDEL Honors Decisions 2025

I applied to UDel in October and heard back on November 4th. I heard back very quickly. I did not receive my honors decision still though. I hear many others heard acceptances within a week after their acceptance. I am getting a bit worried. Should I be preparing for a rejection or does it really not mean anything to still be waiting for an honors decision?

My DD was accepted 11/20 and no decision yet on honors. I don’t know when she’ll hear. Her standardized test scores were on the low end for Honors so I don’t know if that means she’ll be waiting for awhile (assuming she even gets accepted).

FWIW- she got into UMASS Amherst but was denied honors.

My D also received her acceptance 11/4 and is awaiting honors decision. Her SAT is below the middle 50% for honors, so she isn’t expecting an acceptance.

That us my concern also but my GPA weighted is a 103 so I’m hoping they are holistic

No honors decision yet but not a rejection (yet) so I suppose that’s good.

I was accepted on 11/13 and received my honors acceptance on 11/20. They didn’t send an email or anything, I just checked my portal one day and it was there!
But I heard that they will be releasing them throughout the month for people that were already accepted. Good luck!

what is the middle 50% for honors?

My DD applied 10/19 and was accepted 11/4 but hasn’t heard anything about honors yet either.

My DD got her acceptance on Nov 4th and her Honors Acceptance on Nov 20th. She did not receive an kind of e-mail telling her there was any kind of update on her application status. We just happened to go in and check over Thanksgiving and it was there.

We are OOS
Biomedical Engineering
36 ACT
11 AP classes (4’s and 5’s except for one 3)
4 hours of dual enrollment credit, and currently taking 4 more hours this year
Soccer player
Lots of community service
Leadership role in large high school club
Worked about 10-15 hrs per week at an Escape room the last 1.5 years

@drewcollege4: 1370-1460 SAT & 4.14-4.25 GPA.

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Do students hear if the don’t get honors or only if they do? Also, for those of you who have been accepted-congratulations! You say it was just on the portal. Can you provide a bit more explanation of what you mean about what portal looks like with an acceptance? Thanks!

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Thanks @ashley41. My dd has 4.54 and 1440 but no word on honors and it’s been a long time (11/4) since she received her acceptance so I guess maybe she isn’t getting in to honors. Do they let you know if you didn’t get in,

My daughter got into honors at UD but not UMASS Amherst.

33 ACT
3.9UW 4.2W
7 AP’s
Varsity soccer/track captain

Wow she sounds like an amazing candidate best of luck

My daughter is the opposite - got into honors at umass but hasn’t heard anything from UDel and it’s been 6 weeks since she was accepted

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That’s great, it looks like a lot of high stats students didn’t get into honors there.

Thank you Lolo18552 that is super sweet of you to say.

I noticed in the portal there is an application now for Scholars and Fellows. If you get into honors, are these programs still available or is it one or the other?

I went to a virtual accepted student event with my D today. They said that some honors decisions will be rolled out before Christmas (but we knew that as CC readers :wink: ) but most would be in January.

In terms of scholarship, they said they are using a new formula to determine merit but that everyone who is in honors will receive some merit award. SAT this year is no longer being used to determine merit and they have a new place on their website to estimate merit which will be based on their recalculated GPA.

They also said that initial scholarships will be mailed before the end of year for kids accepted two weeks prior or more. We will receive scholarship information first by snail mail (will be mailed by 12/21) and through the portal in Jan. If you were recently accepted, your aid package will generally be sent two weeks afterwards. Need based financial aid will also be lumped in the same packet.

Admissions said they will be closed from this Friday opening back Jan 4th.

For those interested in World Scholars, they said that they will still offer it but obviously when the kids will go overseas will depend on the pandemic. If it weren’t for uncertainties related to the pandemic my D would definitely apply.

They also anticipate kids being back on campus in the fall.

It was a great presentation.


@CSJA2025: Thank you for this information which, being honest, slightly scares me. Do you know where the new place is on their website to estimate merit?