UDel social scene/ any CT attendees to connect with?

My son applied to UDel because of its environmental econ program. Thanks to COVID he has never seen the school. A generous merit package has him seriously considering. So…

Can anyone speak to the social/academic scene? My son is a work hard, play hard kind of kid. He is very social but also wants to be around people who take studies seriously. He’d also like to play club baseball or basketball or both and is leaning toward joining a business fraternity.

Also, anyone from CT who would be willing to talk/text with him? We live in Ridgefield.

Thank you!

Probably not a person you’d want to hear from but my husband and I graduated from Delaware in 1998 and while there are some new buildings, and some changes it’s still very much the same school. We go back for
tailgates and events often and are hoping our daughter, ‘22 chooses UD also.

I think it’s very much a work hard, play harder campus. Tons of kids from NY, NJ and CT. A good bit of Greek life but lots to do. Main Street has tons of shops, restaurants and things to do. Very quintessential college town campus. Lots of green space with old brick buildings in the main areas of campus. Some newer dorms too. Lots of club and intramural sports!

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