UF 2020 Appeals

Hey guys. So I know UF appeals are due April 1st. Anyone do one or know someone in the previous years that had an appeal go through? Trying not to get my hopes up. However, some schools are coming out with waitlists so early this year because a lot of kids can’t visit schools leaving them with a lower yield. Anyone have anything to add? Just want to hear what you guys have to say. And please do not leave a comment telling me how rare it is to get an appeal to go through. I KNOW THAT ALREADY. I just want to know who else is going through this rn!

Hi! I also got rejected this year and just submitted my appeal. I’ve been researching the likeliness that an appeal goes through and yeah they aren’t common, but they do happen. So now its just a waiting game.

@new jersey senior
What is the reasoning for your appeal?
Please comment if it is denied or accepted.
Good luck.

Hi! I also sent in an appeal and have not heard back yet! Goodluck to everyone!

Hello! My son also just appealed to UF in an attempt to get them to reconsider his application. His academic achievements include a 4.5 GPA, 1530 SAT score and the National Merit Finalist award along with the Benacquisto Scholarship as an in-state resident. I was initially surprised at his rejection, but I now think that it had to do with a lack of extracurricular activities. His appeal was very personal, relating to a life-circumstance, and it provided an explanation as to why he could not participate in as many activities as he wanted to. I hope that my son’s appeal is a success as I would love to see him alongside his older brother, who is also a gator. I wish you all the best of luck! Let me know if any of your appeals are a success!

UPDATE*** WE GOT ACCEPTED!!! My son’s admission status changed on the portal today and he was so happy! Let me know if any of you guys got in as well!!! Best of luck!

@proudgatormom Hi! i submitted one as well! I still haven’t heard back. How long did it take for you to receive a decision? When did you submit? Thanks! I’m getting a bit anxious haha!

@Wmd818 Hello! My son submitted on March 30th and we heard back on April 16th. So it took about 17 days. I have heard that the review process is inconsistent though. Good luck!

@proudgatormom I sent mine in on March 31st. Hopefully I receive a decisions soon. Thanks!

My appeal was not approved. Now I am between U Miami and U of South Carolina!

same, now going to ucsb :slight_smile: