UF Chances In State?

Hi! I’m a sophomore in high school right now and UF has always been my dream school. Freshman year I got all A’s but this year I did really bad because I didn’t really put in my best effort due to COVID…my grades slipped from a 4.0 gpa unweighted/4.5 gpa weighted freshman year and now is a 3.65 gpa/4.2 weighted gpa. However, I really am motivated to get all A’s junior year and since I’m in IB it will be weighted a lot next year, I beat myself everyday because I know I could have gotten all A’s this year but just didn’t try.
Also, if I study really hard on my SAT’s and end up with these stats senior year:
1500+ SAT
4.5 GPA (because of all A’s junior year)
Good EC’s and Essay
Do you think I still have a chance to get into UF? I know it is getting REALLY competitive and probably will be extremely competitive by 2027. I’m really worried, can someone please answer?

Sorry I meant 2023, not 2027 lol, 2023 is the year I graduate. I just can’t believe I let my grades go this year, I was so distracted :frowning: I know I could have done better and I hate thinking that I may have ruined my chances for getting into UF

You have a great chance of getting in. High SAT, high GPA, good ECs. Everyone stills up, and the good thing is that you bounce back in junior year. Plus you’re in-state so even better.

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messes* not stills

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Thank you so much! I was wondering do you go to UF?
Because this year I got 10 SEMESTER B’s…I don’t even know what I was thinking. sigh But thanks so much :slight_smile:

If you have a 3.65, not a great chance. Your SAT isn’t yet a 1500 but that will help a lot.

You’ll only know if you apply - but FSU and UCF or USF as backups - and you’re in good shape as they’re all great schools.

What do you want to study? There are certain things to avoid at UF. Business, for example, unless you like school on line.

I know, my GPA is a 3.65 unweighted/4.2 now. I’m talking about during junior year when I get straight A’s (I am so motivated) and if my GPA boosts up to let’s say 3.8 unweighted/4.5. Then will I have an okay chance? I know there is no way with a 3.65/4.2 now, lol

Another factor will be your class rank, and how many other students from your hs want to go to UF. There are only so many spots and they spread them around to the hs and cities in the state. A friend’s daughter had a very high gpa, but it was from a Gainesville hs, and there just weren’t enough spots to let everyone from that school go to UF.

There is nothing you can do about your current grades now. Just keep working to get the highest gpa and scores you can. Find another way to make yourself stand out (community service, awards, athletics, leadership).

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Thank you! However I looked at the UF Website and it said that they did not consider class rank at all and it did not factor in the admissions…but now some other people including you say that they do consider it…I’m so confused :frowning:
But do you think that a very high SAT 1520+ will make up for the ten semester B’s I got this year? If I put forth my best effort junior and senior year?

You need to get those As - but if you don’t, you don’t.

Try your best, focus, and what happens, happens. There’s lots of great schools where you’ll excel, UF or otherwise. As long as you put your best foot forward, you’ll end up where you end up - and life will be fine.

You, not UF or any other school, will determine your success in life.

Let your worry go and have a great Junior year and worry about this in a year.

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Thank you so much…it’s getting hard to breathe, I feel like the girls at FSU are mean and petty and sorority–everyone stereotypes them that way. I feel like I need to go to UF

I’m sure the girls are similar everywhere…anywhere you’ll find your spot. Do you need to go to a Florida school? Pre-pay? There’s USF, UCF, FAU, FUI, FGCU - you’ll be fine. Relax. Come back in a year. Promise it will be ok.

That’s true but I feel like I want to go to a college town and if I don’t my college experience will just be ruined. I actually want to go to USF so badly because it’s right next to Busch Gardens and Tampa, beaches, has great research, but I feel like 1. it’s not a college town like Gainsevillle so I won’t have the full college experience, and 2. my parents will be so disappointed and I’ll be the laughingstock of the school “Oh you didn’t get into UF so you settled for USF…” you know?

Seriously - if you want to go to USF, which is a great school, go to USF.

This is about you, not your parents.

Anyway, it’s your Junior year - focus on your school and come back in a year. It’s great you are thinking but you are a bit early. Just enjoy yourself.

You are letting status get in the way. My friend’s daughter was accepted into UF and FSU for next fall, and chose FSU. Why? Cuz it was better for her ultimate goals of govt’ or law school. Neighbors twins chose a different school. UCF has gained in popularity cuz it’s one of the closest to my county. I could go on, but the young people I know have all made different choices. Only my young cousin will be going to UF, and both her parents are alumni. In truth, it is good for her major. Oh yes, FAU has 7 campuses, and some bright students like the honors program in Jupiter. They can intern at Scripps.

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Wow thank you so much for replying! Everyone says that the girls at FSU are mean and sorority types, I don’t know how much of a rumor that is or not…Tallahassee seems nice, however my parents think that UF is the king of prestige and everyone at FSU will be mean because they are not good at academics, they are focused on appearance, etc…

That is just sad. How much do your parents talk to other parents? Can the guidance counselor help?

For next year, UF has many classes on line, more than FSU. It all depends on the major, so look closely at the different programs.

Tell your parents it’s not the 1980s…FSU is highly ranked, has a low acceptance rate (really low for out of state) and yes it has a party and greek element as does UF and most other schools. I don’t think there’s a box you check - be mean to people - that is required to get into FSU.

Every school will have its cliques including the one you find that includes your people.

Good luck.

My daughters’ Florida hs had pretty much an even split of students attending FSU, UF, and UCF. By choice. There were also a number who went to FIU, and a handful to other public schools like UNF and USF. NO ONE thought any less of those who picked FSU.

At my nephew’s Florida hs, it appeared that they all hated FSU, and more picked USF. Why? Who knows.

Oh class rank matter for UF, many people in IB applied for UF but I am still currently in the top 5 percent (ranked 25/565). Is this OK for UF?