UF Transfer thread Fall 09

<p>If you plan on transferrng to the University of Florida for fall 09, list your stats and the school you're applying to: overall gpa and preprofessional gpa</p>

<p>MDC with AA
3.93 overall
4.0 pre-professional
Fisher School of Accounting</p>

<p>From Broward</p>

<p>4.0 Pre-Prof
3.88 overall
Into Finance (so I don't really have to wait for acceptance since I'm already accepted based on stats)</p>

<p>I'm high school, but I have my A.A. from dual enrollment. </p>

<p>From: Pensacola Junior College
To: Arts & Sciences? I don't know, but political science is my potential major.
Degree: Pre-Law A.A.
GPA: 3.88
Pre-Prof: 4.0 (I think)</p>

<p>From MDC with AA
3.48 Overall
To:Liberal Arts and Sciences want a Political science/Intl Rel. major</p>

<p>I'll have to put a few prayers down to see if they accept me. I don't know if im the only one getting this message but everytime I log onto the check up it tells me this.</p>

<p>Your transfer application to the University of Florida for the 2009 Fall term has been received. </p>

<p>Preference is given to junior-level applicants with 60 or more semester hours of credit from accredited colleges and universities, and priority is given to Associate of Arts degree candidates from Florida public community colleges. </p>

<p>Students wishing to transfer to the University of Florida with fewer than 60 credit hours should have alternative plans in case their applications are not among the limited number we are able to approve."</p>

<p>Thats all it says doesn't say anything about needing residency papers or nothing. Other colleges I've applied to when you go on it says they need certain things, but UF's just gives me this statement. I did the online application and my transcripts are on their way to their admissions office but nothing has changed from the status check up.</p>

<p>yup mine says the same thing too...i think they are just finishing up the FTIC applications before they look at the transfers...i guess we'll just have to wait and see</p>

<p>Hey guys, </p>

<p>Have a few friends who applied for transfer admission and I cant seem to find the answer-
When are transfer admissions notifications sent out? Around the same time as freshman notices? </p>

<p>Thanks and good luck to all of you =)</p>

<p>well it depends on the school you are applying to...if its CLAS then around April..if its business or accounting then around July</p>

<p>bump...ne1 else</p>

<p>Political Science.
AA Degree</p>

<p>Overall Gpa: 3.85
Pre-Profesional GPA: 4.0</p>


<p>Overall: 3.76
PrePro: 3.84</p>


<p>Overall: 4.0
Pre-Prof: 4.0</p>

<p>has the transfer page for anyone else changed?</p>

<p>my page now has slots for</p>

<p>courses in progress</p>


<p>all time accounted for</p>

<p>i recently sent my letter of intent along with the two essay questions.</p>

<p>AT9, you're at PJC? i'm DE there right now.</p>

<p>Yeah I am.... well, I was. I graduated in December as a DE student.</p>


<p>My status has the same thing plus it says </p>

<p>Your application for admission to the University of Florida for the Fall 2009 term has been referred to your college for a final decision. I wonder how long until a decision </p>

<p>I applied to CLAS as a political science major and I am about to send my letter of intent.</p>

<p>This is a pretty dumb question but should you put your name or any information on the essay heading?</p>

<p>If you applied to CLAS, you should be able to get a response mid April. They said that right after the credentials deadline has passed (April 1), they will begin giving out decisions online.</p>

<p>Guys is it possible to transfer for the sophomore year when you DO have more than 60 credit hours? Do not want to have a junior standing because want to double major.</p>

<p>Copied directly from the UF website:</p>

<p>"UF is accepting transfer applications only from applicants with 60 hours of semester credit."</p>

<p>Anyone know why they're not giving me the option of applying for Spring 2010? I contacted them and they said that I should be able to now. It's been 3 days since they told me that.</p>

<p>I know it has to be over 60hours BUT can you apply as a sophomore? I will have a bit over 60hours freshman year....</p>