UGA Chance me

GPA (W): 4.5
Rank: 9/136
SAT: 1190
AP classes: 6 (Lang, Lit, Environmental Science, Biology, Psychology, and Statistics)
-3 sport varsity athlete (all 4 years) Captain of all 3 sports senior year
-Secretary of NHS
-Active member of MASC (Mass. Association of Student Council)
-Class secretary all 4 years
Applied to UGA EA majoring in Psychology!
Chance me please!

1260 was the 25th percentile for UGA this past year, so I would suggest re-taking the SAT and apply by the early action deadline. The upcoming October 4th SAT test date will be accepted for EA consideration so long as you send score to UGA when the test is taken.

EA at UGA focuses primarily on GPA, course rigor and test score in that order; whereas RD is a more holistic review.
Good luck!

@projectmgr Should I apply EA or RD? I have very strong ECs, a strong GPA and course rigor, but my SAT is lacking. My first SAT was a 1040 in March, so I have improved about 150 points since and am aiming for a 1250 in October.

Sorry - just saw this…congratulations on the score improvement…that’s a big difference!

From what I’ve read, I’d recommend applying EA.

A - you might get in early
B - if you don’t, it still shows demonstrated interest…they’ll likely ask for 1st semester scores from your senior year to see that you’re still challenging yourself with available AP or IB classes (and getting good grades) and will consider other elements of your application more than in EA (ECs, essays, etc.)

I strongly encourage anyone considering UGA to visit their excellent Admissions blog:

David Graves (UGA Admissions) is a fantastic source of information and provides really valuable insight into their process, what they look for in applicants, etc. He posts regularly and will respond to comments multiple times a day. We’re in the middle of the college application process for our 2nd student now and UGA’s admissions blog is hands’ down the best we’ve seen (and I’ve read a lot of them!);

One thing to note: 4.5 weighted in MA is a very strong GPA and Mr. Graves has said previously on his blog that their department puts far more weighting on what a student does every day over 4 years of high school (ie- your high GPA with several AP classes) vs how a student performs in a 3 hour test. Not saying it disregards scores altogether, but GPA and course rigor is given much more consideration.

In short - apply EA…if you get deferred, I would think you still have a very good chance in RD.

Good luck!

PS - we also live in New England…our oldest is a Freshman at UGA now and she absolutely loves it. Athens is a wonderful place and UGA is an excellent school.

Thank you and good luck to your child!

@projectmgr Hi! I took the December test and earned a 1230. Are my chances stronger?

What are the chances of getting into UGA Honors RD if you didn’t get in EA? Stats on this?? What estimated percentage of students get in RD?