UGA EA decisions will be released 11/22/19, late afternoon

Announcement made today on UGA Admissions social media. Soon!

Will honors decisions come out that day as well?

@“Amberlanya Herwana” if I understand correctly, on that date UGA will grant automatic admission to Honors for the top ___%age of applicants. For those not automatically admitted to Honors, the application will open up later. (December?)

@ShrimpBurrito I just found this on their website:

  1. Automatic Acceptance
    Approximately 10-15% of the students admitted to UGA through the Early Action application process will be offered automatic acceptance into the Honors Program. Offers of automatic acceptance are based on high school grade point average, curriculum, and SAT or ACT scores. Notification of automatic acceptance will be emailed and mailed to students after UGA Undergraduate Admissions has released Early Action decisions.

So it does say “after”, I just don’t know if that means a few days or few weeks or what.

Huh. Interesting. Last year, auto admit for Honors was announced with EA admissions decisions.
Maybe the process is changing this year? We will find out soon.