UGA Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

Daughter is accepted! She’s very excited about this one! OOS and her ACT score is lower than others posted here, but she will have a full IB diploma from a competitive high school and 13 AP/IB courses. I think that gave her an edge.


Was the auto Honors acceptance on the admitted page?

In state-male
ACT 33
GPA 4.5 (UGA 4.38)
12 APs
no auto Honors


S22 accepted to Honors
1570 SAT
Co-val currently


D accepted, 4.4 UGA GPA, 1420 SAT, 12 AP. Excited for everyone.


Daughter was accepted OOS.
4.14 UGA GPA
1520 SAT
Level 10 gymnast
Private Jesuit HS


Daughter opened while she was at School. Just seeing now she is accepted in to Honors. In-state, SAT 1550/SS 1570 . GPA (4/4.3 UW/W) 15 AP’s , NMSF, Georgia Governor honors finalist. Many highest academic awards. She doesn’t have plans to attend UGA anyway. It’s one of her safe school.

There are Jesuit high schools that admit young ladies? I had no idea. Don’t tell ours, lol. Enough competition already.

My daughter was accepted - OOS
GPA: 4.0 UW, not sure what her weighted would be for UGA
4 APs
Go Dawgs!


In-state deferred
3.6 UW GPA, 1210 SAT, 7 APs

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Does anyone know the rough percentage of deferred students who ultimately are accepted in regular decision?


Congrats to all that got in and fingers crossed for those who were deferred. When do Out of State Applicants find out about the Presidential Waiver Scholarships?

No promises but he has a great chance at getting in based n past years. Don’t give up hope but keeping looking at others schools to be safe.

What is the Presidential Waiver scholarship?

  • Awarded in conjunction with other UGA academic scholarships, given to 75-100 new non-resident students annually
  • Waives either one-half or all of the difference between Georgia resident and non-resident tuition and fees
  • Renewable based on the criteria of the academic scholarship to which it is attached
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S accepted w/automatic Honors
OOS 3.98 UW
32 ACT, 33 Math, 35 English
many AP, dual credit


I’m in the same boat, OOS hardest HS in the state with over 4,000 kids per year. Just over 970 kids in my senior class.

1420 SAT
3.74 UGA GPA
4 AP’s in past 4 AP’s Currently
Boat load of EC’s
Still deferred.

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OOS. 33ACT, 3.98uw; 2 AP and a bunch of DE’s; community service, class pres
Sadness here. Wishing everyone the best of luck cheering our Deferred kids up- remind them they are awesome and not alone.


Hang in there if you are deferred, this process is just getting started and many will get in as it plays out. Focus on your classes and do not give up.


Same with my daughter. 4.0 Uw, top 3% class rank, full IB diploma at a competitive large oos high school. All the athletics leadership service etc. sat not in mid range.