UGA Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

Congratulations! Was the Honors College acceptance in the same document as the UGA acceptance or was it in another spot?

Wow. Good for him. Curious how many AP or IB classes he took? Might be that his UGA GPA is a lot higher than you listed. Typically auto admit for honors is 34 plus ACT and 4.3 plus GPA.

Outstanding for your child!

Same letter

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Honors acceptance was included in main acceptance and was also on separate drop down with more details

They said they look at math/English ACT which was 34 avg. He had many AP, dual credit, ~20+ Didn’t calculate UGA GPA, but UW 3.98

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accepted with honors
1550 SAT
4.35 GPA
Lots of extracurricular stuff including four year varsity soccer


Son is also IBDP and got in. 3.8 unweighted GPA. 4.1 weighted. 33 ACT. Word on the street is that IBDP students have an edge because the program is so insanely hard.


Admitted with: 1190 SAT, Unsure about my UGA GPA since I took IB classes but at my previous high school I had a 4.0 UGA GPA, I’ve taken 6+ IB classes, an International student with US Citizenship


Yes his UGA GPA will be much higher than a 3.98. He will get an extra point for every AP or IB class. Sounds like it was well above the 75th percentile.

They have an edge because they get an extra point for every IB class they take so their UGA GPA is very high even with a few Bs sprinkled in.

daughter accepted. OOS (distant, low population state), 4.0 unweighted, 8 APs, not sure about UGA GPA. Dad is an alum.


Instate accepted, 4.0 unweighted, not sure about UGA GPA, lots of dual enrollment courses.
I recall from reading the UGA admissions blog that a LOT of students who get deferred initially ultimately get accepted in March, so the odds are in their favor.
Question for those accepted: did anyone else have issues with signing up for ArchPass? We keep getting an error message.


DD was accepted! 1320 SAT, 4.0 UW GPA, maxed out APs (small school, doesn’t offer very many), strong leadership and ECs.


Were any IS/OOS stats released for EA or honors?

UGA housing is up to make your $35 deposit and hold your priority for selection


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DS deferred - OOS at (holds nose) a well-known/nationally known private school.
1550 SAT non-superscored, 3.8 UW GPA. No APs (not offered). Unusual but not killer ECs

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The lack of APs may have hurt him for the academic review. UGA will figure it out during later reviews but this is the huge flaw in the way they evaluate applications up front.


Stats are the same for in state and OOS. They released them in the admissions blog. Honors is a separate department. They have historical stats on their website but not sure how updated it is.

UGA admissions blog later said they will not be releasing % admission IS vs OOS as one factor that influences a lower OOS admit % is not understanding the competitive level of the school. They said IS students/counselors have a better understanding of what is required for EA admission, thus a higher % of IS applicants are typically admitted.