UGA Freshman College Acceptance

Does UGA accept nearly everyone that applies to the freshco summer program?

Not sure what the above poster’s problem is, but the Freshco program is super competitive.
Edit: Went through their replies and they appear to be rude to pretty much everyone. It’s a wonder they haven’t been banned yet.

@julewinn I was actually accepted to UGA and I am attending in the fall. Freshco is an optional summer program before fall semester starts. Also got a 34 on the ACT, so I don’t think I needed help on that. :slight_smile:

@izrk02 Thank you! Update is I got waitlisted from Freshco but my roommate got in. Usually UGA prefers students to room with someone also in the program so I’m hoping that will help me out!

@daisy1462 Don’t engage with the user above. If the word wasn’t banned I’d be calling them a you-know-what.