UIC GPPA Class of 2024

Did any get an interview yet for GPPA?

Nope. May be its all over.

When i called they told me interviews would be given in january so I’m not sure. but i have heard its gotten even more selective over the years so wouldn’t be to surprised


Just got an interview invite request today.

same here

How did you guys get the interview via Email? And are u guys in dental or med?

I was invited to the interview via email. I applied to GPPA Medicine.

I am also an Illinois Resident if that is necessary info.

Did anyone get an interview for GPPA Dental yet?

GPPA medicine

Interview date set. Good luck to everyone.

Will there be additional email sent out for interviews or all the potential candidates been notified of interviews?

@Bill0112 Hmm I am not sure, but probably (and based on the past years), the interviews should all be out. For example, if someone received a GPPA Medicine interview request, GPPA Medicine interviews are all sent.

Thanks @HKimPOSSIBLE. I have also heard that different people have received emails on different days so that’s why I asked the question.

@HKimPOSSIBLE and @Viola9 : What are the dates for your interview?

Thank you for the information.
Do they send an email saying that you didn’t make the interview round or only if you made it? I have not received any communication as yet! :frowning:

@ZoyaS I heard there are different dates for different GPPA programs, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it!

@Bill0112 My interview date is on Wednesday, 1/29/2020. They have us (and a guest if you choose to bring one) arrive by noon so we can have and informational lunch session.

Thanks @HKimPOSSIBLE. Good luck!

Thank you @HKimPOSSIBLE and wish u the best of luck!

Thank you so much!