UIUC Class of 2026 Discussion

Admissions sent out a general email yesterday titled,
“Waiting to hear back from colleges? Here’s why you shouldn’t stress.”

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It didn’t help. Still stressed.


Is there a way to update the UIUC application SRAR with the seventh-semester grades? Does anyone know the process for UIUC to send any updates to the application before the EA decisions?

I asked this question and was told the following

Please be aware that we do not accept or use 7th semester grades in our admission review process.



UIUC has announced that decisions will be released on February 25. https://twitter.com/uofiadmissions/status/1484188139719639041?s=20


Wow. That is almost 4 months after applying priority!

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That is really late!!! All the other schools will be done with EA decisions by then.

RD decision date from UI:-

First-Year Application Status


Status: Complete
Your decision will be available in mid-February. If you chose to report scores, we will consider any additional test scores that are received by our office the week prior to your decision being posted.

Confirmed by email. Interesting interpretation of “mid-February”. 4+ months comes across as a competitive disadvantage in admissions. Many admitted student events at other schools will have been completed by then.

Our notification date for admission decisions is now set. Your admission status will be updated on Friday, February 25 at 4:00 p.m.

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I agree this late EA notification puts UIUC at a competitive disadvantage.

This should be an interesting cycle with two important factors likely to result in a lower acceptance rate…first year on common app, and a 600-800 smaller first year class due to overenrolled class of 2025.

Can you explain how this will change decisions of those accepted? I get vs ED. Where are all the ED submitters in respect to acceptance?

Hopefully those accepted ED withdrew from the pool.

I was agreeing with RichinPitt’s point that many other schools will have announced decisions by then and some will also have held admitted students days.

This gives those schools an advantage (IMO of course) in gaining positive mindshare with those applicants. They have more time to woo the students by sending swag, running virtual programming, holding admitted student days, etc.

DC got the same email, but applied RD.

All EA decisions will be released on February 25, at 4 PM.

All decisions are coming on 2/25, both EA and RD. Technically there is no EA. All decisions are RD but if you applied by 11/1 you get “Priority Admission”

November 1

To be eligible for priority admission, you must submit your application by 11:59 p.m. CT on November 1, and all required items must be received by November 10. Meeting this deadline may give you the best chance for being admitted to our most selective programs. You may also receive special attention for admission to honors programs and for merit awards.

If you’re applying through Common App, you’re only able to select “Regular Decision” as your preferred admission plan. However, you’ll be eligible for priority admission if you submit the application by the priority deadline and all other items, including your self-reported academic record (SRAR), by November 10.