UIUC Class of 2026 Discussion

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I’m sure it’s been ask before, but I cannot find it here. Does anyone know the acceptance rate at University of Illinois at Champaign by major?

I haven’t been able to find the major specific one but I did find the middle 50

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Anyone else received below email from UIUC? I wonder if app is moving otherwise very quiet.

“Text Message Updates From UIUC”

no. we haven’t received any updates.

Is EA decisions to be released together with ED in mid Feb? In the past, UIUC has relased EA mid Dec.

This will be the second year that UIUC is releasing both EA and RD decisions at the same time, in mid-Feb. That is expected to be a permanent change.

Admission Notification

  • Mid-February

All decisions will be released in mid-February. Closer to that time, we’ll send you an email with the exact day and time your decision will be released. You’ll be able to check your admission status in myIllini.


UIUC does not have ED. Nor something named EA (as the A is no E’er)

“Priority Admission” comprises applications received by November 1 (even though only “Regular Decision” is available on the Common App). These receive preference to selective majors, honors programs, and merit awards.

“Regular Decision” is all other applications received by January 5.

All decisions will be released in mid-February.


Of all state flagship schools this has the most boring or dead school forum (as far as conversation) I have seen. I’m not picking on the other 7 posts… I’m talking about the missing 100-2000 posts I don’t see. I live in Illinois… I’m just not getting it.

I guess nobody wants to go here. If so they don’t seem to interested in it. Again, the missing 100-2000 posts… not you.

maybe not everyone has questions or is stressed abt this uk :slight_smile:


0% for CS, 100% for any other majors lol


We got this email from UIUC titled “In case you need a little laugh” with lot of memes about going to UIUC. A handful of my D22’s classmates who applied to UIUC have gotten it as well while most others didn’t. Any of you received one? I felt it’s just the college wants to show they are processing your application and nothing serious. Any guess?

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Got it too.

Yes. got it too.

Got it.

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S22 received this. I don’t think it’s anything but mass marketing. Such a long wait for IL decisions!

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Received it. Read nothing into it, other than being on a mailing list.

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Does anyone know when will the notification be released in Feb? As this year I heard that priority application will be released at the same date as RD students, I wonder if there are some last and past years records of dates.

19 Feb 2021

Thank you!