UIUC Class of 2026 Waitlist

Waitlist thread for UIUC Class of 2026

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OOS CS+ accepted waitlist - lets see what happens

Also does anyone know when waitlist decisions come out? I couldn’t find it out even when looking at past waitlist threads in UIUC.

Anytime After May 1 and before June30, no confirmed dates though

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OOS CS, accepted waitlist

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Waitlisted for General Studies, anyone know the odds of getting accepted if it’s your top choice?

Son wait listed OOS CS fingers crossed r

UIUC waitlisted me despite solid academics (SAT score of 1560, IB Score of 40) and a solid extra-curricular and leadership portfolio. Got offer from U-Mich, deferred by U-Penn. Why?

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The only answer to this is that they received tens of thousands of applicants, reviewed everything submitted - grades, test scores, references, essays, activities, awards, etc. - and yours application was not among the ones that they selected for admission. Anything beyond that is speculation.

Results from other schools have no bearing on the UIUC admissions office decisions.

D22 OOS waitlisted for CS. what are the chances for CS? She has purdue CS honors for now. Waiting on UCs…

My understanding from data posted was 25% of kids who accepted a WL spot got an offer but that was general UIUC, not CS. From reading past year CC threads of waitlisted CS kids, the actual offer rate appeared to be zero. The only movement seemed to be giving already accepted kids their first choice major vs the second choice they originally offered. So all in all, it seems unlikely. We are in the same position - honors at Purdue, waitlisted at UIUC.


Does anyone know the chance of getting accepted to a first choice after being accepted to a second choice? I’m going to contact the department and ask about the waitlist, but I’m going to UIUC either way so idk how to go about staying on the waitlist after I commit.

Percentage of offered waitlist students who are admitted:

2016: 12.3%
2017: 18.7%
2018: 1.8%
2019: 0.0%
2020: 24.2%

Where does the data come from?

Thank you RichInPitt. I understand that a combination of factors are at play. While we shouldn’t make comparisons, I was a bit surprised that I got waitlisted while two of my buddies got accepted in CS, despite having much lower scores (IB 33 and 35 respectively, and SAT 1460 and 1480) and hardly any extracurricular activities. While I am very happy for them, I am a bit disappointed that I didn’t get through. Glad I’ve got U-Mich. Hoping for better results later this month.

So, being waitlisted by the first major I applied, doesn’t mean I got accepted by the second major, right?

Does anyone know the yield rate of Grianger college of engineering for the previous few years? Or the yield rate of physics major, that would be even better.

Did anyone else get emailed a “Personalizing Your UIUC Communications”?

CS wait-list is highly unlikely to move. I would expect <5% of CS waitlisted to get in and I think that’s a generous outlook. Purdue honors is awesome so you are in a sweet spot anyway!

There was an email asking to confirm if my kiddo still want to be on the waitlist or not…from UIUC…hope you all got them as well??