UIUC Transfer Fall 2011 Thread

<p>im glad they are waiting till last minute though. its really fun to wait around</p>

<p>Well yesterday my app changed from "complete ready for review" to "pending manual review required" so at least they're actually updating it. I'm expecting a decision next Thursday-ish, but wow it's taking forever.</p>

<p>Did you apply to the Business school? Because it said "pending manual review req." until about two weeks, which then changed to "committee review"</p>

<p>No I did not, I applied to the liberal arts school (economics). And every department seems to be different so maybe they're just now getting around to updating my app?</p>

<p>I emailed them and they said that college of engineer is usually the last group to last committee to meet and the at the latest my decision to be posted will be by the 20th.</p>

<p>So the 20th is probably the latest for everyone right? I'll take that...only 10 days.</p>

<p>Oh my goodness, this wait is killing me. I have a friend who transferred there last year, and he said that it took him forever to find out, so that's reassuring....</p>

<p>I hope that it's coming out this week, I feel like I'm wasting so much time checking and rechecking every day!!</p>

<p>You have no idea! I've been checking every day for the past month, but I'm expecting the worst. All I hear is how competitive and extremely difficult it is to be admitted to the college of business...</p>

<p>I've checked 2-3 times a day since mid February haha. It's absolutely excruciating, I'll be so happy to have this over with whether I get in or not (hoping I do obviously). </p>

<p>On another note, a lot of people I know have heard back on Thursdays or Fridays, mostly Thursday. Maybe this Thursday...?</p>

<p>Really? I always thought it would be on Friday. On their website, it states admission notification dates for freshmen (December 17 and February 18), which both fall on fridays.</p>

<p>I really hope it's this Thursday! I just want the stress of waiting over with! I sent in my materials in mid-December!!</p>

<p>Well I don't know for sure haha but I remember my app changed to pending on a Thursday too so I'm just hoping for the best!</p>

<p>hey guys, I just got in today after taking a nap of 3 hours!
i know that you guys are all nervous, but i wish you guys the best!</p>

<p>Congrats! Hope we all hear the same results!</p>

<p>Hey guys, when you get admitted the decision row says 'admit' right? Checking for my silly boyfriend here.</p>

<p>Fingers crossed for this Thursday/Friday..... That would be exactly "Mid-April", if they're going for accuracy.</p>

<p>Yeah haha admit means you got in!</p>

<p>haha of course they are going to make the business majors wait last.</p>

<p>I just got in! Yes!!!</p>

<p>Admit - College Reviewed :D</p>