UIUC Transfer Fall 2011 Thread

<p>it says deadline to accept offer is may 1st. isnt't that too early? i mean i am waiting to hear from other schools..</p>

<p>Still haven't received a decision, my tab still states committee review. Anyone else in the same boat?</p>

<p>I am! Mine has said "Pending - Manual Review Req" since I sent it in in December!</p>

<p>yea mine still says committee review so i emailed them and asked why i didnt have a decision by the dead line date and she said, "You are in a unique group of students that the College of Business has reviewed favorably but will be contacting personally for follow up on the admissions process." so who the hell knows what that means. im guessing waitlist</p>

<p>nacliamsi Congrats!!!!</p>

<p>Anyone got into Computer engineering for fall 2011???</p>

<p>thanks beautifulmath :)</p>

<p>does anyone know which dorm is the best for transfer students? are there any dorms that is specifically for transfers?</p>


<p>Clemson, have you heard back yet? Mine still says committee review</p>

<p>Nah, mine says the same thing. I hope it has to do with being a finance major. But they said they will email us when they figure stuff out.</p>

<p>I just got my acceptance to the College of Business today in an email. I'm not sure if they send a mail but I assume it'll arrive later. </p>

<p>My stats:
Transfer GPA at George Mason University-3.53
Total Credit Hours: 51(too bad only like 30ish will transfer)
EC: VP of tennis club, president of toastmasters, and member of investing, entrepreneur, consulting club.
Jobs: Teller at Bank of America, Costco cashier
Essays: I think it was the essays that got me in; I wrote about a difficult situation during my freshmen that made me fail a class and resulted in a 3.53; had all A's before.<br>
Accepted: Accounting, College of Business</p>

<p>How is the accounting program at Illinois in terms of recruiting at the Big 4 and other top accounting firms? Do a lot of students get in?
<a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/transfer-students/1136071-should-i-transfer-urbana-champaign-business-school.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/transfer-students/1136071-should-i-transfer-urbana-champaign-business-school.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Thanks a bunch :D</p>

<p>Good luck to the rest of you!!!!!!</p>

<p>Do you think we'll hear back before the 1st for sure? I mean, they want OUR decisions by then, so shouldn't we have theirs??</p>

<p>Oop! Just kidding! I just heard back!!</p>

<p>@spacekiller: how did u manage 2 get accepted ... i have a 3.8 gpa with 15 credits earned n 15 in progress ( with a 3.8 in dis semester 2 till now) n i got rejected</p>

<p>@dakhors. To be honest, I really think it was my essay. I had an issue where I was depressed and had to seek treatment one semester so became part-time student and that made me fail a class. Other than that one F, I had all A's and 1 B (would of been a 3.9). I sent them an email also explaining my situation. </p>

<p>Sorry to hear that, wished everyone could be accept :(</p>

<p>oh alright, i guess you deserved to be in UIUC's COB !!! I think you have shown a lot of improvement... well they still think i don't deserve a place in UIUC after working day n night, even after taking very competitive classes i could maintain my 3.8, but in the end what matters is I got rejected... no matter... Best of Luck for your stint at UIUC, the program for Finance at the least is very good...</p>

<p>@dakhors, you were transferring as an incoming sophomore, so they looked at your high school stats as well as college. If your high school stats weren't high that likely hurt your application. They don't look at it for transfer as an incoming junior, though, so if that was the cause: try, try again!</p>

<p>@dakhors. Thanks man :)
Try applying again as a junior if UIUC is your dream school, I'm sure with a 3.8 and a bunch of EC you can get in as a junior. I believe they are a bit more relaxed on junior transfers.</p>

<p>@girbygirl : ya maybe i got rejected becoz of a low SAT score n my high school credentials were not that great... like i got a 84% in grade 10 n 82% in grade 12 in India... yes if UIUC gives that a lot of preference, then well it does not hurt me anymore dat I dint get in... If someone has consistently done well in high school, SAT n the University, I would happily give my seat to that student</p>

<p>@spacekillers: hmm maybe no, well i am awaiting a reply from Babson College, BU n USC maybe if I get into 1 of the 3 then i dont wish 2 transfer any more... I have got into Indiana University-Bloomington, Univ Of Maryland-College Park n Northeastern at present so lets see i will decide by June. But I would like 2 wish u all the very best for your career and i hope you make it big in the world of accounting !!!</p>

<p>It's April 29th, and I've still yet to hear back! Still nothing Clemson? I'm assuming we were put on the waitlist, and now waiting for the May 1st deadline for accepted applicants to decline their offer. Who knows...</p>

<p>@Finz151, I think you should call admissions and just make sure. You might have been waitlisted, but if you call it can help your chances. At least wont' hurt you!</p>

<p>Just to update, I was finally admitted into the college of business!! Good luck to future transferees!</p>