UIUC vs UVA vs UPitt vs USC vs Penn State vs UAB for BME/Pre-med

Which is the best option for someone wanting to be a BME and pursue a Pre-Med Track from the following choices- UIUC, UVA, UPitt , University of Southern California, Penn State, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Please suggest which will be the best option if cost were not an issue. Please let me know which one will be best for the premed track, as well as have good industry career options.

I’ll bump this one, but please post more detail on Pros and Cons if you want the best chance for replies. See my post for more details.

I am kind of undecided right now , if I want to do premed or do BME- but will decide later in college . I want to keep both options open as of now . I like USC, UIUC, UPitt, and UVA.

USC I hear is in not a safe neighborhood and has a wealth culture with best networking options and alumni. I am not sure how good it is for premed activities.

UIUC is a hardcore engineering school where keeping GPAs up may be challenging for a premed.
Near home is UAB- which is a good med school with research options and keeping grades up will not be an issue here but does not have much job placements options due to the location .
U Pitt has a good Biomed program with premed options but I am not much aware about its grade deflation/inflation scenario. It is ranked lower in engineering school rankings though.
Please can you advise me . I need to decide within a week or so . UAB is the cheapest for me and all others are more or less same range and very far from home .
Since I want to keep both premed and engineering options open for now, I am not able to pick one just like that.
Thanks for your help in advance .