Ultimate African Post

<p>Hey fellow Africans,</p>

<p>I don't know how many of us there are on this board. But how's it going?</p>

<p>Its going great!
You are in Canada do you know of any school good fot Biochem and Molecular Bio in Canada that are good with fin aid and DO not require a sort of early decision type commitment , i know that Trent does so i cant apply there.</p>

<p>Hey where are you from in AFRICA and when did you move
I am from Namibia( my guess is you are from SA)</p>

<p>Hmm... I'd recommend UBC, McMaster, University of Toronto, Queens and McGill. I'm not sure if those schools have any aid for international students, because I haven't really explored that avenue. Actually, I think that UBC has a scholarship program for qualified international students. You probably won't get financial aid in Canada, the best you can get is a scholarship. And those are extremely competitive. All those schools do not have an early decision program.</p>

<p>I'm not from South Africa, but rather Nigeria. I moved to Canada a couple of years ago. Do you still live in Namibia?</p>

<p>hey davidrune ~ cool thread! what do you miss most about home right now {you're in Canada right}? There used to be many Nigerians who posted at the beginning of the year...don't know where they all went...maybe they're at the ivies :)</p>

<p>right now... nothing.</p>

<p>Well, yeah but right now i am studying IB at the UWCad(United World College of the Adriatic-a two year intensive school that brings together 200 students from around the world and lets them live and work together in an effort to build a better tommorrow in our world---its a group of about ten colleges around the world) All these Universities i have heard of and some of them are comming here to visit, but what i need is to apply to a place that does not require an "early decisions" type of commitment-the shcolarships for the universities you mentioned i was told are tied with this commitment.Do you of any that are not?</p>

<p>Ohh sorry i meant to say that for example there are scholarships at Trent and Simon Fraiser that have this commitment- earkt decision type thing were you are obliged to attend.Do you know of any others Universities that have scholarships but not this commitment?</p>

<p>Canadian schools don't have "early" commitments.</p>