UMaine Accepted Students 2020

Decided to make a thread for one of the schools I am looking at attending next year. Respond with anything you would like!
Major: Computer Engineering with acceptance into the Honors College
Residency: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

My son applied for civil engineering but hasn’t yet heard back. When did you get accepted? He applied 10/24 and ACT scores were delivered 11/14. I believe they said he’d be notified within three weeks. How quickly did you hear back after you submitted everything?

I submitted my application on September 21st and heard a month later. When he gets acceptance, it should have a checkmark in the Student Self Service portal on MaineStreet

@lucapuleo0009 Have you gotten anything in the regular mail yet? Son accepted but couldn’t find anything on the portal with regards to scholarship info.

@taverngirl Yes I got the mail on October 22nd. They don’t give anything for in state, but if you are out of state and had an sat above 1120 then you get a scholarship where Umaine matches the tuition of your in state school. For example mine is Penn State, so I could go to Umaine for the same price as Penn State.

My son is a freshman at UMaine in Orono and we are from Baltimore. He is in the Honors College, living in one of the Honors dorms and has had a wonderful 1st semester. UMaine is starting to attract a lot of OOS students thanks to their tuition policy. Let me know if you have any specific questions!

Just FYI Univ of Maine now provides full ride to NMF Semifinalists. That includes full tuition, room, board and fees for up to 15 credits/semester. Last year they were only providing Full tuition waiver. So this definitely puts Univ of Maine as one of the best awards in North East and a great option for those looking for a full ride instead of going south with a national merit scholarship.

Anyone have a rough idea of criteria for admission to Honors College? Want to know if it’s in the realm.

@BktoNJ I got in with a 1270 SAT and a 3.78 unweighted GPA. Don’t know if that helps

Helpful. Thanks and congratulations. Have you decided?

I am so glad to hear other MD students are at UMaine, and loving it! My daughter is a senior in Baltimore and deciding between UM and UNH. Do you think its challenging getting him back and forth? I would love any input to help her make her choice easier.