UMass Amherst 2024 RD: Waitlist

As the May 15th date approaches, I thought it would be appropriate create a thread for people to share any information they want regarding the regular decision waitlist at Umass Amherst

Just wondering if anyone got their waitlist response yet/ when the heck after mid may will they contact you?

Still waiting here too.

Haven’t heard back either. I actually had emailed them about the waitlist and they said this “ Hello,

Thank you for your email. Please be advised that waitlisted students may not hear back from UMass Amherst until late summer. Therefore, we encourage you to exercise other options, if available. We wish you all the best.


Judi Kolenda

Undergraduate Admissions“

Does anybody know if it’s possible to negotiate into a competitive major if you get off the waitlist?

I also haven’t gotten anything regarding the waitlist yet.