Umass Amherst Campus Visits: Share Your Tips & Recommendations

Did you recently visit University of Massachusetts Amherst? Share your experience with the community! Post your review in the comments below.

Some ideas for what to share:

  • When did you visit?
  • Where did you stay? Would you recommend it?
  • Where did you eat? Did you try any local specialties?
  • How did you get there? What’s the best transportation mean to get to-from the campus?
  • What was the campus vibe?
  • What did you think of the dorms?
  • What are some must-see things in or around campus?
  • How were the school facilities?
  • Did you like it more or less than you thought you would? Why?
  • Did anything surprise you?

We’d love to hear any tips or recommendations you can share for people planning their Umass visit!

I’m there periodically because of D20 and took S23 in fall. Antonio’s pizza is really good. The book store in Amherst Center is a nice place to stop in and browse actual books. Mt. Norwottuck is good for a short hike, with a view of UMass from the summit. I hear Cushman Market and Cafe is great. The actual campus is very pretty to walk around. The dining commons food is as good as reported. The Works cafe is good as well.


We visited a couple of weeks ago: serious question–why does UMass have almost no trees? It’s very bleak compared to most campuses we are used to (we are living in the Southeast). Now I know it’s not literally too cold for trees. Canada has trees. :smile: By the way, we ate at the Vietnamese restaurant that has “Saigon” in its name–it was excellent.

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You can see more trees in fall! Spring is just getting to the area. :slight_smile: