UMass Amherst Chances of Admission

I’m currently a senior at Mass Academy at WPI and was trying to understand my chances to be admitted to UMass Amherst’s biomedical engineering program. (see below thread for stats, situation).

Just to give some stats (I understand this doesn’t give y’all the full picture).
SAT: 1490
GPA: 3.91 (unweighted) (from freshman year and sophomore year) Mass Academy does not calculate GPA for junior/senior year
I got generally a couple Bs and As my junior year (did get one C in physics cuz of corona) (tough curriculum - Mass Academy is an accelerated program where I take college classes senior year)
Senior year grades are currently all at As
I have a very good background in biology, chemistry, and computer science and have coordinated multiple research opportunities.
I have had a couple leadership positions, founded a couple clubs, amongst other community service and activities.

My counselor has told me it is a safety school but that I should wait till regular decision to be able to submit my senior year grades (to offset my tough junior year). Regardless, because it is a competitive major and UMass Amherst is my #1 choice for college I would much rather hear back from them through early action. Also I heard that the chances of being admitted to the Honors Program is higher through early action. Hence, I am a bit conflicted. Let me know what y’all think.

My friend with lower stats has gotten into their engineering school (exploratory track). SAT was around 1350. GPA was high-level classes mix of As and Bs. She is in-state as well and we graduated from a high school that’s considered “good.”
Also, she applied engineering undecided but has now declared biomedical.
I think you will get in- you can (and should) also put a less competitive major as your second choice major (maybe math or physics) and then switch to engineering while you’re there (if you don’t get into BME first choice which I think you will). Good luck!

Your GPA and SAT are already pretty high. You have a very good chance to get into CS major. Are you in state or out state?

I feel you have good shot at UMass Amherst engineering if you apply EA. Your overall GPA looks to be a bit low for engineering at UMass Amherst (but not by much), but your SAT scores are on the high side of their engineering averages. Your ECs look good.