UMass Amherst Class of 2020 Decision Thread

Hey all,

Now that we are getting close to the release of Early Action admission decision’s I wanted to start this thread so we can all lean on each other for information and advice.

Feel free to post away any information or questions that you might have!!

Also, my son’s application has gone from “Complete Early Action” to “Under Review”. I read on last years thread that “Under Review” is the next step in the process and that applicants received decision letters before the Spire portal was ever updated, which I found interesting.

Hey Jakey! Yeah, Umass is my top pick school so I’m really hoping to get in. I applied for the kinesiology major because I want to be a physical therapist so the anxiety of college decisions is all too real right now haha. From what I heard though, Umass is looking more at essays and extracurriculers now instead of just gpa and test scores though those are still pretty big on their list.

I hope they have a more holistic approach as opposed to other large institutions who simply go by the numbers for 80% of their decisions. Fingers crossed that decisions start rolling in next week!

When should we hear back for early action???

Yeah I read somewhere that they start sending decisions on the 15th. It’s rolling after that so not everyone gets their results back immediately. What major are you guys going for?

I heard UMass will be sending snail mails instead of notifying on Portal/email.

I’m in California, probably I’ll be getting my decisions very much slower than you guys, as it’s cross-country mail delivery.

I applied EA for CS. I’m hoping I can get into it, as I heard CS at UMass is pretty competitive.

My spire portal still says my application is under review though, so I potentially have to wait a while :frowning:

Yeah I feel that anxiety. I don’t know about you guys but I’m kinda sick of highschool and I just want to embrace college and college life lol.

Hey guys, I’m a little worried right now. I applied for early action, but I didn’t get any confirmation from the university letting me know that they have received the application. I also don’t have the details to a portal whereas I do with Northeastern and Notre Dame (I applied to these two for EA as well)


Will all decisions be sent out on the 15th or could it take more time?

I.e. if we get accepted we’ll be filling out the fafsa which will be available 1 jan right?

I applied for linguistics. Idk if they’re looking for someone like me but oh well

From what I’ve heard last year people were still getting their acceptance letters back for early action in January, but hopefully we all find out soon!

I’m hoping this week!!

Do we have any reason to think decisions would come out this week?

They did last year so the hope is that they follow suit this year.

Yeah I’ve heard multiple sources say either the 24th or 15th but the 15th seems better cuz it’s halfway through the month and thts when they said on their website that they’ll start sending stuff back. So yeah I’m pretty hopeful, hoping tht I get mine back tomorrow, I’ll be sure to tell you guys the decision and hopefully you guys got in too! Unless you’re a parent asking for their kids haha.

soo… anyone got their decisions today? I