UMass Amherst class of 2024 Early Action Results

didn’t see a thread for this year…

respond with results, Major applied, Instate or out of state/international, and if key stats if you don’t mind

Son applied EA to Isenberg (Finance).

In state. 4.2 weighted GPA on 4.0 scale. SAT 700 Math, 650 English (1 sitting). 8 AP classes and the rest mostly honors. Lots of leadership stuff including varsity athlete/team captain, officer in a club he’s been involved with throughout high school. Lots of community service (over 400 hours with leadership role with that). Strong essay and recommendations.

Anxiously waiting a decision.

My child, in-state 4.3 weighted GPA 1480 SAT, College of Information and Computer science… also anxiously awaiting… this is their top choice school

CICS / UMass Amherst also my son’s top choice - at least right now! It will be hard to wait til December (or January) for decisions.

Does anyone know when decisions will start coming out? For some reason December 10 sticks in my mind but I might be making that up. I know they don’t do them all at once which will be stresseful!

here’s a link a pdf that explains how UMass calculates your student’s GPA

we made a spreadsheet, and calculated the way UMass would look at

Thank you for this. It is tricky as I don’t know what they would consider honors the way my son’s high school labels
classes. Also what do you do with computer science classes, like java? Is that included in GPA? What about AP computer science?

i guess a lot of it is based on the high school, at my kid’s school there are College Prep, Honors, and AP each one is treated differently for weighting. Something like a Java class or AP CS, would probably be an elective

My son applied EA, he is OOS, 3.7 UW GPA, 1420 SAT and 32 ACT.
He applied to Computer Science.

In state applied EA to CICS-CS major. SAT 1560, Weighted GPA 4.5… waiting.

In state also applied EA to CICS-CS major. SAT 1510, unweighted GPA 3.85.

EA to CICS-CS major
SAT 1480
Offer with Chancellor’s Award ($16000)
Anyone else?

Hi @AngelCUI , When you say “offer with Chancellor’s award,” does that mean you’ve been accepted?

@Wds2024 Yep!

@AngelCUI, Same!!!

When and how did you get your acceptances?

@AngelCUI and @eternal123,
When did you receive our acceptance?Was there an email?

@Wds2024 Yes! Offer and an award

@eternal123 Congratulations!

@art1968 Just yesterday. I received an email saying that my application status has been updated.