UMASS Amherst Isenberg or Bentley University for Finance/Accounting

I was recenty admitted into UMA as a finance major in Isenberg and a finance major at Bentley, but I’m not sure which school I should attend. I’ll have to pay at least $22k at UMA and $33k at Bentley. I’m positive that I’ll become a business major, but I’m still indecisive about either accounting or the finance route. Which of the two colleges is better for internships and has better future job prospects? Is Bentley really worth its price tag? Or am I better off at a state school if the benefits are minute.

I was also thinking of transferring to Boston University or Northeastern for its co-op program if the school that I end up choosing doesn’t work out.

For your interests, Bentley could be worth its price premium.

Which college did you joined, how do you like it so far.