Last year, applicants received their decisions on 12/15. Here is a thread for UMBC 2023 applicants. Good luck to everyone!

DS received acceptance envelope today. No merit scholarship or honors info.

My Daughter received the acceptance letter on Dec 14. But no mention on which major or any information on honor college. I assume there is a separate letter.

Other than Admitted tickmark in portal, where can we see any other info?

Accepted but no merit news either.

Daughter received acceptance letter in the mail today but no other info.

Son received acceptance letter in mail, mentioned pre-engineering, but no specific major or honors program.
Is that separate notification? What is pre-engineering?

I see a “congratulations” in the portal, but that’s all.

Accepted! Got the Letter in the mail today, but dated December 12.
GPA W: 3.8 UW:3.4 SAT Superscore: 1350
Major: Statistics

Just saw on Twitter that merit scholarship offers for early action Fall 2019 freshmen have been mailed out.

Was it on the UMBC main account? I didn’t see it on twitter

Not on the main Twitter but UMBCscholarships

My D got acceptance letter without mention major. Today she got notification of scholarship for 4 years.

She applied CA major though.

Computer science

In State (MD)
GPA: 3.9 (W) 3.4 (UW)
SAT: 1200 Superscore
Intended Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Hispanic, Male
PS: I was surprised as well as my college counselor. On the Naviance scattergrams I was pretty well just above the average in terms of GPA. I’ve always been a bad standardized test taker. Any advice? The applicant pool probably has gotten more competitive over the years imo.

I checked my application portal today because I wanted to double check that my application was complete (I sent it in before Nov 1 but my act score was taking a while to send). When I checked it said that I had been accepted w a presidential scholarship. I didn’t apply early action, but sent it in early to be in the pool for scholarships and the honors college. Does anyone know why I have been given such an early response? I am very grateful, but am just slightly confused. Additionally, when do they notify you if you have been accepted to the honors college. Thanks.

Happy New Year, everyone!

My son was accepted and received an ‘excellence award’ of $9,000/year. I’m curious to know how many levels of merit scholarships UMBC gives out. I’ve see students got $15,000. We are instate btw.

Here is his stats for reference,
SAT: 1470
ACT: 35
UM GPA: 4.6
Intended major: CS

Deferred EA to RD
In State (MD)
GPA: 3.1(W) 3.5 (UW)
ACT: 26
Intended Major: finance
i was expecting to be denied admission but i’m happy with deferred cause it means i might still have a chance. they said the applicant pool was very competitive but all of my friends were deferred as well and their stats are so much better than mine so i was confused why they were also deferred

in state
GPA: 3.9 - 4.8
SAT: 1384 - 1580
ACT: 26-32

i switched the GPA’s my b

Anyone know when honors decisions come out?