Figured I would get it started

Do we know when we’re getting our letters? Last year I saw they were sent on the 14th (a Friday) So is it safe to assume they’ll be sent on Friday, December 13th?

I am guessing this week or next. Says “late December”

I just checked the myUMBC portal and it says I was admitted!

@futuretonya did the icon change or where did you find it?

Checked the myUMBC portal too and it says I was admitted! The icon changed from the green circle (for complete) to the green check, with a link alongside it to accept or reject my admission.

Ah… we still have a green circle :frowning:

Hello, have you received your decision letter in the mail yet? I have not been notified on the portal yet.

I was admitted as well (green checkmark in the portal)! I think the decision letters will start to arrive in the next few days, then honors/scholarship info after that.

Thank you. Do you know when my portal might change to reflect the decision? I currently have the green dot.

From @UMBC on twitter:

“.@ChipUMBC helped prep our first round of admissions acceptances (including her own). They dropped in the mail this morning, so let us know when you get yours using #RetrieverNation! Thanks to our amazing admissions team for all of your hard work!”

So I’m assuming the first letters will be coming in the coming days, but I’m not exactly sure what first round means. (first round of early action or early action as a whole?) Not really familiar with how UMBC usually rolls out admissions so I don’t know.

Son was admitted, info via portal.

All of my friends have gotten their acceptances through the portal but I still haven’t. Should I be concerned?

Nothing changing on my end, maybe depending on your state it’ll get here later. My portal is still the green circle, (I’m from Upstate NY and so I’m guessing my letter will get here Monday.) From the looks of it, the portal may be updating alphabetically? My last name starts with an L so I’m lower on the list.

Congrats to everyone who got in!

We are in. Portal

i just logged in and it was there on the screen but i didn’t get an email or anything I’ve just been checking all my applicant portals like every 2 seconds lol

i don’t think i was on the portal though, i don’t remember seeing the symbols just the message

oh wait nevermind

checked an hour or two ago, admitted!! im so happy.

what’s confusing is that i got my info by logging into their database, didn’t receive any other form of notification (email)

all the other info on mine is: pre- computer engineering

Hello, my portal dot hasn’t changed yet, should I be worried. Also do you think letters will arrive tomorrow, I live in Maryland.