UMBC Decisions 2025

For all those interested in UMBC.

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My son received his acceptance today for UMBC. We weren’t expecting that one until later this month.

Got mine today as well.

wait really how did u see it

He received an email that told him to check his portal. The email went into his Promotions folder in Gmail for what that is worth.

ohh okay i haven’t gotten anything yet :// did he apply ea

Yes. We are in-state…not sure if that makes any difference.

yeah im in-state as well

Same, I asked my Daughter to check after seeing this post, she has been accepted! And as you said, email went to Promotions folder in her Gmail.

In state as well.

Got my acceptance today too.

We got our acceptance but no email, just checked the website.

okay how do you check in the website do you just look at the status bc at the moment mine just says complete

Green dot= complete
Green Check mark= admitted

so if mine still has the green dot for completed does that mean im like deferred?

I don’t know, hope you got accepted.

okay so apparently they are sending them out in batches so no worries

My daughter was accepted yesterday into Info Science. She applied early action, nevertheless this was a little earlier than expected. Holding out some hope for scholarships, and she is applying to CWIT as well.

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My daughter got in too. Yay. She wants to do Pol sci/ Global studies/ Anthropology/ something related :-). Scores and GPA are really good and we thought we would apply to the DC colleges too with RD cycle but she wants to commute from home since she is an introvert and likes her quiet time at home. She therefore, would like a college where there are other commuting students so she is not the only “outsider”. We visited the campus last weekend and it is really nice and she thinks she is done with her college search process. :clap:

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Hi, do you mind telling how you visited? The website says the campus is closed. Did you just walk around the outside? Were you able to go into any buildings? Thanks.