UMD Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

University of Maryland, College Park offers Early Action for freshman admissions.

The Early Action (EA) deadline for Fall 2022 admission at UMD is November 1.

All early action applicants should receive an admissions decision by January 31. For more information visit the University of Maryland, College Park page on College Confidential.

See updates and discuss results with other UMD applicants.

Are you planning to apply early to University of Maryland, College Park? Why UMD? What questions do you have about applying early? Comment in the thread below.

To discuss other UMD topics visit the university-of-maryland-college-park tag on CC Forums.

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The following links can provide answers to questions that you may have.

Freshman Admission Decision FAQS

Freshman Merit Scholarships

NOTE - UMD does NOT give out a lot of Scholarships and it is NOT true that all the Students in the Honors College get Scholarships.

UMD Honors College

UMD Scholars Program

UMD Freshman Connection

UMD Living/Learning Programs

UMD CS Department FAQS - these links are for the students who apply for CS, but get put into Letters & Sciences

Last Year’s EA and RD Decision Thread - It says RD but it includes EA Results also


@SoofDad - are also in the Fb group for UMD parents? It seems like you’re a valuable resource.

@MzJCricket - Thank you! I have seen the post about that group. I am not a member of it and I’m not planning to join. I have other priorities and I do what I can on here.

The two greatest bits of advice I have is:

  1. apply EA, just do it. You get considered for the LLCs and scholarships. You have a better chance at being admitted. You get to find out early.

  2. apply EA and not at the last moment and make sure EVERY SINGLE THING they need is in. Check your portal checklist often to make sure they have everything and if you are confused as to why they don’t, kindly reach out to your admissions rep to ask. Anything that gets there after 11/1 pushes you into regular decision. Maryland WILL NOT notify you if something is missing. It is on you to check, double check, and triple check.



This article may be of interest to some students who are applying to UMD.

Hello, my D22 has applied to UMD already. Do they admit on a rolling basis for EA, or at a set time? Thanks

EA decisions are released at the end of January. The UMD Admissions website says “by February 1”. but it is usually a few days earlier.

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My son is applying to UMD College Park and he is at the residency section of the Common App and it is not making sense. We are lifelong residents of Maryland, that is not the issue (and husband and I are both alum). The problem is that the application says the student is to complete the lower section of the residency question, and it is asking about Tax Returns. My son has never filed a tax return, but it is forcing him to enter the year when he last filed one. He can’t just leave it empty, he gets an error message. Does he put “0”? I’ve tried entering N/A and it only allows a numeric response. I’m sure a large percentage of UMD applicants have never filed tax returns, I’m not sure why this is even on there. Have reached out to admissions and residency office with no response (and they are not currently taking phone calls.) Thanks!

Could it be a general reference, @collegemom2000 ? So not referring to only him, but you or your husband’s last tax return year? Probably this is a way to confirm residency. We are in PA, and I don’t recall any question like that for my D.

Others may have a similar question - you could also join this group and maybe someone there would know? It’s a group for prospective UMD 2026 parents.

Looking at our common app from last year it asks if you are financially dependant or independent. Being a dependent it asks questions about the person who is financially responsible for you (including their tax returns). If your son has never filed taxes he has no income and as such is still financially dependent on you both.

Now is a good time to check that all of your Application Material has been received, or is on its way.


General question - Is University Honors any more or less competitive or exceptional than the other Honors College sections? Any info. on this?

I definitely would say that University Honors is no less or more exceptional than any of the other Honors programs. My daughter received her citation from UH last year (now a senior) and I think was quite happy with the program. The main difference is that UH is much larger than the other honors programs (about half of all Honors students) and therefore historically not competitive to get in. However, UH changed substantially last year for better or worse. My daughter, and may others, liked the old UH program due to the flexibility of the program - this was especially important as an engineering student with a pretty time consuming and somewhat inflexible major requirements. The old program involved taking Honors Seminars of your choice over many different subject areas - typically over 50 seminars per semester (total of 5 required). However there was a belief that this type of program lacked focus. The new program is now based on thematic clusters - more focus but less flexibility. You can read up on this within the UH website. Also another major change is that in the past a lot of students did not pick UH due to the dreadful dorm (Hagerstown - old/no AC) for UH students. However the university is now completing two brand new beautiful, state of the art dorms for UH students. The first is complete with about half the UH students residing in the new dorm this semester. The other half (luck of the draw) is in Hagerstown this year. The 2nd dorm should be open by Fall 2022 so all UH students next year will hopefully be in the new dorms.
As an aside, @Winky1 I seem to remember you quite well from the Case threads four years ago. My wife will absolutely not allow my son to apply to Case this year based on that dreadful drawn out admissions process (deferral-waitlist-guaranteed admissions following year). My daughter was even receiving emails from them Sophomore year offering guaranteed admissions. Needless to say, she has been incredibly happy at UMD and taken full advantage of all the opportunities of a large Big 10 university located just out of DC - including internships at both the FDA and NIH.


Wow! Thank you @CU1986 ! I really appreciate the info., as I am not as knowledgeable about UMD. We did do our own self-guided tour back in Feb. or March when we were seeing DC schools. My D22 likes all of the ones she saw. I like Big 10 schools a lot.

I hope your memories of me are good ones :slight_smile: That was quite the ride with CWRU back in 2018! My D18 is a very happy camper at the University of Pittsburgh and will be entering their PA program in Jan. of 2023. But now, we are on to child #3. I’m so glad things worked out for your daughter as well. That offer they both got was the worst experience we ever had!! LOL!! I hate to admit that D22 also likes CWRU and has applied. She is a humanities/social sciences kid, though, and a different student altogether, so we shall see . . . I am prepared!

I really think UMD is one of those schools where my kid will be pleasantly surprised if she is accepted and we take even more of a closer look. Thanks again for the info. and the memories!

The Honors College at UMD is very competitive and UH is one (the largest) of all of the honors programs. All students that are admitted to the Honors College Preference which program they would like. I will say many, in the past, many honors college students preferred not to be part of UH because Hagerstown was such a horrible dorm. By Fall 2022, all UH students should be in brand new dorms.


Would either of you @mdboymom and @CU1986 know the threshold for grades/scores to be considered for an Honors College?

See UMD website video
Honors College University of Maryland

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