UMD Theatre program?

<p>Hi :) </p>

<p>So, I have all my auditioned schools which by nature are all a reach. I am trying to find at least one non-auditioned school with a decent Theatre department. For some of the auditioned schools I'm applying to, I'm applying to the BA/BS programs as well as the BFA's, so I guess those are also back-ups. I came across the University of Maryland and from what I can see it could be a pretty decent back-up. It is a non-auditioned BA and yet you have to audition for certain acting classes. It's a state school so it isn't extremely pricey. </p>

<p>I rarely ever hear anything about it for theatre, which makes me worry. Does anyone know anything about the program? </p>

<p>Thanks! :)</p>

<p>Maryland has a good program from what I've heard, but it's getting really difficult to get in to UMD from in state. UMBC and Towson both have good theatre programs. UMBC also has a non audition BFA. Towson has an acting track that you have to audition for, but you can still take most of the acting classes without being in the track.</p>