UMD Transfers Fall 2021

is anyone able to see their orientation canvas modules? Also when did everyone sign up for orientation because I did the 29th of this week

I think I read that they’ll open them up 24 hours prior to your orientation date.

Online it says you will know within 2 weeks what classes will transfer:)

Has anyone heard about merit scholarship yet ?

No. Probably next week, as their website says 2-3 weeks after transfer admission offers, merit scholarships are released.

Did anyone get anything in the mail? Like the admission letter in a package?

No i haven’t

Does anyone know what’s the highest scholarship amount transfers can get ?

Are you from the state of Maryland?

No I’m not

I’m from MD and I haven’t gotten one

The minimum I saw on the website was $5,000 I’m not sure what the maximum is

Anyone hear back for the merit scholarship?

I have not heard back yet.


I actually just got mine yay

Yeah I just got the email so y’all should look out for it

You got an email saying y’all won a merit scholarship? Or is it just email saying your financial aid has been updated?

Saying I won / awarded … they told me those who don’t receive an email didn’t get one