UMD Transfers Fall 2021

There was an issue on my application they had me as out of state and it’s supposed to update this week. I had a 4.0 gpa in college I think I should be awarded one. Was everyone supposed to get theirs yesterday? And did you think your scholarship was good?

I mean it’s an okay scholarship I’m out of state so I wish they gave more but o well. But also I’m not sure if you didn’t get one I would just call and check but I think they where all let out yesterday

Has anyone applied for housing yet?

Not yet. Transfers get the lowest priority in housing, so I’d look for off campus options just in case.

Yes, they said they will release the waitlist on may 17

They just released the housing waitlist! I was guaranteed housing for the fall.

Anyone get a decision from smith at college park?


Does anyone know when the regular decision stuff comes out? My friend submitted his transfer application on the final day that you could and he got accepted yesterday.