UMiami, BU, or NYU?

Hello. Got all my decisions back from colleges and I’m trying to choose which one I’d like to attend this fall. I’ve narrowed it down to UMiami, Boston University, and NYU, as you can see in the title. Which one is the best choice? (I’ve also been waitlisted from UMich and Northwestern, I’d go there in a heartbeat but they’re essentially rejections)


  • 50% sure about pre-med, likely major in Bio or Chem or similar, might double major or pursue a minor as well. Miami offered me 5 yrs masters in Chem
  • I don’t really mind location too much, I like all three locations. Also I live in NJ.
  • Miami gave me significant financial aid, NYU and BU did not, but I don’t mind the cost too much
  • I’d prefer a D1 college over a D3 one, to watch/support the sports teams
  • Intending to participate in a club sport, probably soccer or volleyball, but might do xc/track, ultimate, or field hockey
  • Prestige matters a little but they’re all highly ranked colleges anyway

Other info:

  • subjects i like: biochem, physics, math (calc), languages
  • Music production and econ are other interests, but jobs in music prod. are limited and econ would require a diff. college as I applied as a Bio or Chem major
  • I work out so a decent on-campus gym would be nice
  • I’m Student Council President, Environmental Commission Student Rep, Sustainability Club Social Media Advisor, did FBLA Math Club and Boy Scouts, did XC/track all four years, if any of that matters
  • I have a close friend who was also accepted to NYU and UMiami

Thank you if you want to take the time to respond

My daughter will be a freshman at Miami next year and withdrew applications from BU (My MBA) and NYU when she received the news.

If she selected NYU, I would have been good with it. Love the school, NY and the opportunities that come along with it - but you live in NJ so you get that. NYU has the most prestige of the 3 IMO. On the other hand, BU and Miami seem so popular these days, for the right reasons, that they carry more prestige than ever before.

As you know, Miami is the only campus school. We revisited just last week, and it looked/felt great, even during COVID. The weather is hard to beat and that feels more important for mental health after the year we have had. From my experience, BU is too impersonal to get me excited, at least given your other options. I do think Boston is an unbelievable college city.

If your “other interests” are truly important, the flexibility of the Miami curriculum easily allows for you to take classes in other colleges. NYU and BU will feel more rigid.

NYU and BU are less sporty, but NYU has D1 aspirations and BU hockey is good for a game per year. If you have seen the gyms, you know Miami wins there.

3 great cities. 3 great schools. I am pleased with my daughter’s selection.

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If going to medicine is on your radar, then you should go to Miami. Since you need to conserve the finances for med school later.

Also BU and NYU are more competitive gpa wise, which will be a factor during med school selections. Miami has a good med school where you will be able to get some good exposure for research and other medical activities during undergrad. Also you may have a better shot of getting into their med school as an undergrad from there.

You wrote that you plan to participate in either “soccer or volleyball”; if you had written: “soccer or beach volleyball”, I could make a suggestion based on your interests.

Since UMIami gave you money & the others did not, go to Miami if you can avoid the obvious distractions.

definitely Miami especially since your considering med school. that ■■■■ is expensive. it also sounds like Miami has the most of what you want plus nice whether will be a change from NJ

Do you think the athletics at NYU would be fun to support? Or they have strong school spirit? One of the things stopping me from choosing NYU is whether they have decent athletics, school spirit, and parties.
I think I’ll be deciding between NYU and UMiami, as BU and NYU cost relatively the same and are somewhat similar (so long as NYU has a comparable level of school spirit, etc.).

@rk2017 @spacey11 NYU offers a completely tuition-free medical school. Of course I’d need to pay housing and other expenses, but I’m intending to go there if I do pursue the medical path (and get in). Matriculating from NYU undergrad to NYU med school should give me a good chance of getting in. It all depends if I even want to go into medicine however.

I think Miami is a great fit as well, only problem is its distance and it doesn’t carry as much prestige as NYU.

I just checked BU and UMiami both offer soccer and volleyball (and a couple other club sports that I like) whereas NYU only has running, cycling, and ultimate, which I’m fine with but I’d prefer soccer and volleyball. Dang I was starting to like NYU lol.

I love NYU. I don’t think most kids go there because of school spirit associated with sports, but that can still be you!

Socially, NYC is unreal. Maybe best ever.

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You have any idea of the odds of getting that free ride at NYU med school? Perhaps easier to win a jackpot. The stats of their med school matriculants have gone through the roof ever since they have made it free. Also, stats alone are not the only criteria. Lot of other factors go into who they select, first generation college grads, socio economic, those from underserved locations, those with unique life situations and on and on …

im pretty sure thats only if you become a physician. Really look into those clauses. and since its your undergrad, prestige doesn’t matter. people only care about the last school you attended. so your cheapest option might be best. but really think, where would you be happiest?

I don’t think going to nyu for undergrad gives you a huge advantage for med school admission there. It is incredibly competitive.

Back to one of your points in your first post, at NYU econ is the same college as bio/chem etc (CAS). And you can register for some courses outside your primary college anyway. Not sure about the other colleges.

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NYU’s most recent med school acceptance rate was under 2%. I don’t know that NYU undergrads have preference, regardless NO one has a good chance of getting in. Here are the most recent published GPA and MCAT scores (scroll all the way to the bottom):

Separately, I don’t think school spirit is all that great at NYU, nothing even approximating what it is at UMiami.

@Mwfan1921 @rk2017 @SJ2727 :grimacing: I was not aware that the acceptance rate was that low. I’m not even 100% sure I want to go into the medical field in the first place though; going off SJ2727’s point, I saw a Economics and Mathematics joint major that interests me, and I might just minor in Bio or Chem (to take necessary med school pre-req courses) in case I do end up going to med school.

Being tuition free, NYU will probably be the hardest medical school to get admitted to. All medical schools will be reach or high reach – of the pre-meds who actually apply to medical school (i.e. those who do not get weeded out before then), only 40% get any medical school admission. If you are one of those who does get admitted, you will probably only get one admission – take it or leave it. Assume that your medical school will cost $400,000 if you do get in and feel extra lucky if you get into a less expensive one.

What are the net prices of the colleges you are considering? Do you have any less expensive options like in-state Rutgers?

If Math/Econ is of interest for you and money not an issue, then NYU maybe your best option.

You don’t need to minor in chem or bio or anything related to be able to apply to med school. As long as one finishes all the prerequisites, major/minor shouldn’t matter.

By the way if it helps, Rutgers has a great Math department.

Unfortunately I didn’t apply to Rutgers which was quite stupid on my part. I was thinking about minoring in chem/bio because completing the prerequisite courses would probably fulfill the requirements for those minors as well. But yeah. Thanks for the help!

I didn’t apply for Rutgers (very stupid, don’t know what I was thinking 6 months ago). I was accepted to TCNJ, but I don’t really like the campus and school itself, as well as Stevens.

FYI not entirely sure if I want to pursue the medicine route.

costs (tuition, housing, etc. all included)
colleges i like:
UMiami: ~$45k
BU: ~$76k
NYU: ~80k

colleges i kind of like:
Hofstra: ~$35k
Pitt: i have no clue because their portal is a mess but avg cost OOS is ~$45k
Stevens: ~$45k

colleges i dont really like:
Drexel: ~$50k
TCNJ: ~$26k in state

Don’t blame yourself for Rutgers, it happens.

I know someone from couple of years back who am almost sure had applied to Rutgers and enquired about the Math dept there, but still chose to go to NYU math.

If money not an issue, NYU seems good option. Otherwise give it a try at Miami, if you don’t like, can always transfer to Rutgers or NYU next year.

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