UMiami Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

Hey guys!! I thought I’d start a Regular Decision chain for Umiami 2025!!!


Deferred EA and am now in the RD pool! Good luck to everyone.

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Really counting on an acceptance for umiami.

hey all! I was deferred EA and really hoping for RD acceptance. Any demonstrated interest tips? or tips in general? I wanted to ed2 but couldn’t get my counsellors signature in time. Thanks!


Attend their virtual events. That’s the only way left I think

I was deferred from ED :frowning: does anyone know what day Umiami released their RD decisions last year

March 27

Thank you

Does anyone have any ideas as to when they will come out?

My best guess would be the 26th

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if deferred — and then accepted in the RD pool - can you still get solid merit offers with it? Has anyone had any history in this?

Does anyone know how long until decisions usually come out after getting an email telling me to try logging into my portal? I just received the email today!

did everyone get that

I got the email and checked my portal. Schools can sometimes hint at a decision when you can no longer withdraw your application. Currently I can, but in a few days potentially not.

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Is anyone able to change their major when they click the change major link? The link doesn’t work for me :///

How do you know when you can’t withdraw your application?

There’s a link at the bottom of the portal

No the link didn’t work for me either

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Does anyone know if we get financial aid when we r admitted or is it usually a week after?

It should be apart of your acceptance letter

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