UMiami ED2 Class of 2025

Starting the thread for ED2 for University of Miami. Got deferred today, but it’s my top, so I’m switching to ED2.

D is planning on switching hers to ED2

same. will we be hearing back in April with RD?

I think if you switch to ED2 by Feb 12 you will hear mid feb when early decision 2 is released.

I’m a little confused about this though. If switching is due by Feb 12, how are they going to review our applications amongst the other pool in such a short period of time?

My guess is maybe they won’t. They will just admit. :woman_shrugging:

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thats what im thinking…also its so weird that such a large amount of applicants got deferred, especially so many overqualified

I decided to do the ED2. Hopefully it helps me get in. I saw others get in with stats less than mine :frowning:

Same situation at Tulane. I feel like 90% of the EA’s got deferred.

I thought you had to change to ED2 by Jan 1st. Is that still an option? Any tips on how to do this?

you should see an option in the portal if you got deferred

I’m asking for my daughter who is catatonic currently…does anyone know of you should file new paperwork and/or do you need to fill out an ED contract?

If she got deferred then an option is to go ED2

Did your daughter get deferred? If so, there should be an option in the portal to make the switch to ED2.

She did. Sorry for my ignorance but is anyone aware if this increase admissions chances? I would think the issue with ED2 would be not knowing whether or not you receive any financial aid and are then tied to the school?

ED2 will for sure increase your chances for admission. This shows UM that you are committed to them and are ready and excited to attend. Admission rates for ED2 are higher than they are for EA. This is because ED2 applicants help protect their yield by having committed students. I cannot speak on financial aid because I’m unaware of how this works. Maybe in your LOCI to your daughter’s AO you could ask about that.

Thank you for the insight. Decisions decisions…

@Kdawg19 your question about $ is legit—my understanding is that ED commits you to attend regardless of $. I believe the only way you can get out of ED if admitted is if they don’t meet need based aid as determined by FAFSA; you should talk to a HS or admissions counselor about that to confirm. FAFSA says we get no need based aid, but were hoping for some merit $, so D has a tough decision after being deferred. FWIW, this happened to my son two years ago with U Chicago; deferred EA but invited to switch to ED2. He did not switch to ED2, and was denied RD. Yield protection at its worst.

For the people moving to ED2 are you submitting fall grades, new letters of recommendation, LOCI’s, added extra curricular activities etc?

Or just changing to ED2 and letting it rip?

I am submitting my fall grades, and I am also submitting an LOCI discussing additional extracurriculars and achievements since applying.