UMiami vs Cuse vs Bentley vs Providence

Hi - I’m a junior in hs and I was looking for some input on my top schools so far. Just a little background on me: I’m a male, from upstate New York, want to major in finance, Econ, or information tech, current uw gpa is 3.8, sat score is 1370, tend to lean conservative (for culture purposes) here are my current top schools in order:

  1. University of Miami
  2. Syracuse University
  3. Bentley University
  4. Providence College
  5. Bucknell University (haven’t toured yet)
  6. Fairfield University (haven’t toured yet)
  7. Binghamton University
    Ideally I want the school size to be 15k undergrads and below but not too small. I like the size of Miami the most and the weather (duh) as I’ve lived in snowy NY my whole life. When I visited Syracuse I loved the sports and party aspect as well as the opportunities post grad. Price was a bit much tho as I won’t get financial aid and would need merit aid. Bentley also had awesome post grad opportunities. Like I said I haven’t seen Bucknell or Fairfield so I don’t know much. Providence was nice but I didn’t think it offered as much as some of the other schools. Binghamton to me was just like my high school (cheap though). I really want to work in either Boston or NYC post-grad but I’m worried that Miami doesn’t have the connections up there. I may be wrong but any input on opportunities at UMiami would be great. Also do you think I would receive merit aid? Additionally, what is the party scene like at Bentley, providence, Fairfield, and Bucknell. (Don’t want to get bored at a small school) Not that I plan on discussing my political beliefs much, but, I am conservative (not hardcore) so any input on the culture at these school would be awesome !!! Thanks for any input!

We looked at Bentley a few yrs ago. I would categorize it as a pre-professional school. They have other things, but it’s basically all business. Great majors, great career prep, great placement in Boston, NY and the northeast in general. Funny you mention Bing feeling more like HS. S felt that way about Bentley but he was looking for exciting D1 sports, school spirit, all that stuff. I would put Bentley and Miami on the opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of college experience, who they attract, etc. You can do great from either but the kid who loves one probably wouldn’t be the classic fit at the other. Fit’s important.

PC is likely more in the center of that spectrum (intimate school that punches above it’s weight. Hockey and Hoop are very exciting if that’s your thing.) Cool city.

@privatebanker knows a lot about several on your list. Perhaps he can provide some insight.

They are all fine schools but Bentley, Providence, Fairfield,and Bucknell are well below your target number of students. Maybe Tulane would be a fit?

My son is a business major at Fairfield University. Only about 4000 students so you should definitely visit to make sure it’s not too small. Just opened the new business school building which is state of the art and very impressive. Career center is very active, highly recruited and alumni connections very strong. You will have many internship opportunities in the northeast. My sons final decision was between Bentley & Fairfield but Fairfield offered more money. Students there work hard during week and do their fare share of partying on the weekend. Also keep in mind that it is a Jesuit school so there are required religion and philosophy courses though they can be in any religion. They don’t have a football team but they are building a new sports arena to attract better athletes and be able to play all of their basketball games on campus which are very popular. Definitely worth a visit.