UMiami vs Lehigh vs Bucknell

hey everyone,
i’m decided where to attend for next year. i’m thinking between university of miami, bucknell or lehigh. i want to major in business (either finance or supply chain) and was wondering which school has the best business school reputation, academics, etc. thank you

Have you been accepted to all three schools? Are they all affordable? That is the first cut for any decision.


All 3 have excellent academics and excellent reputations. Lehigh offers majors in both of your areas of interest while the other 2 do not. So, Lehigh strikes me as the best match for your interests.

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i haven’t yet but i go to umiami right now. they don’t have supply chain management so I was going to see if others were ok. I have a 3.6 gpa after my first semester and was wondering if a 3.6 and 1280 sat was good enough for lehigh and bucknell. thanks

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i’m at umiami right now and I enjoy it somewhat. I feel like I’m not getting enough out of the amount i’m paying and am wondering if going to lehigh and bucknell would drastically improve my career outlook.

Hi there just wanted to let you know that I think University of Miami does offer the Supply Chain major as a concentration under their Business Administration major. It’s listed as B.B.A. in Supply Chain if you search and those key words it will come up. Good luck to you.