UMich Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision

I kept searching for the University of Michigan’s RD Admissions Class of 2025 thread, but I only saw the ED/EA threads, so I wanted to get this thread started…


When should RD start rolling out? Will there be a deferral wave of decisions or do deferral decisions come out at random with the RD waves?

According to their website: “Final decisions will be released by early April 2021”.

I don’t know if Michigan applicants are not very active on College Confidential, but I couldn’t find any previous years’ RD threads. For other colleges, you can look at the previous years’ threads to see when the decisions were actually released. Most colleges will give a “no later than” date, and you can check the previous years’ threads to determine how far in advance of their “no later than” date that they typically release their decisions.

When my older daughter applied to Michigan for the Class of 2020, they had rolling admissions, and she received her acceptance letter in mid-December!

If anyone knows when Michigan starts sending out admission decision letters, please post what you know. Thanks.

According to their website: “The Early Action decision will be one of three: admit; postpone for a final decision by early April; or deny.” Thus, if an applicant’s decision was postponed (deferred), then they will hear with the rest of the RD pool.

You may want to review last year’s RD thread. Some good info there.

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Thank you! Weird. This thread was not showing up in my search…

Sushiritto: thanks for the link to last year’s RD thread. It looks like I couldn’t find it through a search because the thread’s subject line didn’t include the word “Michigan”. Do you know if a similar RD thread (without “Michigan” in the subject line) has already been created for the Class of 2025? If so, I’ll direct folks from this thread to that thread.

From a quick review of last year’s thread, it looks like EA decisions went out around January 31st, and RD decisions went out as early as February 28th. Then, another batch went out towards the end of March, which were mostly rejections and waitlistings.

I think this is it for Michigan 2025 RD decisions.

Remember the timeline will be pushed back due to Covid and the EA decision delay. It’s entirely possible that RD applicants (not deferred EA) will get a decision in the first RD wave hopefully mid-to-late February. RD applicants have received February (first) wave decisions in the past.

Sushiritto (or anyone else with relevant info):
Do you know if an invitation for a COE HAIL interview means that an applicant is a borderline case? They state that the interview will have no bearing on the admissions decision, but if that were true, then the interview should only focus on providing the applicant with more information. However, they state that the interviewer wants to know more about the applicant’s interests and aspirations. While nice, there is no reason to find out more about an applicant if it is not going to be used in some way by the admissions committee, right?
The interviews could possibly be used to push borderline applicants one way or other, by either identifying borderline candidates that might not present well in the written application but should be considered a strong candidate, or identifying borderline candidates that present well in the written application but should be considered a weaker candidate. Any thoughts, experiences with COE HAIL invitations? Thanks in advance.

Any RD applicants got the Expression of Continued Interest email. Also do all RD applicants get it.

i also got it. I really don’t think it means anything

probably doesnt make sense to fill out right

Oh yeah, here’s some info about decision releases for anyone that applied to Umichigan Ross:

Each year, we release our Michigan Ross Preferred Admission decision schedule in January. Our goal in providing these dates is to help alleviate a bit of the concerns students may feel while awaiting their college application decisions.

Below are the following days in 2021 when we plan to share admission decisions. Decisions will arrive by email after 5:00 p.m. EST/EDT on the following Fridays:

Feb. 19, 2021

Mar. 19, 2021

April 16, 2021

Remember that individual admissions decisions are provided to applicants in no particular order, so there’s no need to worry if you don’t hear from us on the first release date.

If you are admitted into the Michigan Ross BBA Program, hearing back from us is just the beginning of your entry into the greater Ross community! We encourage you to continue exploring the many opportunities offered at Michigan Ross and elsewhere on campus

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Is this the same timeline for all colleges or just Ross?


I remember reading in the EA thread that they usually coalign with the Ross decisions, but that might just be for EA people who were deferred.

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did anyone get a decision today?

A number of applicants who are in the ‘Early Action Class of 2025’ and had been deferred received their admission from Ross today. Early Action Class of 2025 - #4006 by sushiritto

I could be wrong, but I think that the applicants who were accepted to Ross today were accepted to Michigan EA at the end of January, and this was the first “wave” of Ross notifications. Applicants have to be accepted to Michigan before Ross even reviews their apps.

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I believe you are correct; thanks!

looks like some RD were released in the first wave along with ROSS on 1/31 last year. When is the first wave release for RD or non-ROSS this year?

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I believe last year the second wave was on 2/28 at around 3:00 pm