UMich Financial Aid

I tried the UMich Net Price Calculator just now, and I was surprised to see that I had to pay about $75,000.
I checked and it seemed like it did not reflect the amount of financial aid award I would get.
Does anyone else have this problem??

Also, are they known to give pretty decent financial aid package to OOS students?

U Michigan does not meet full need for OOS students, IME their FA packages can be mixed for OOSers. Does the $75K NPC match NPCs at other schools?

When running NPCs make sure to input accurate numbers, including adding back any 401K contributions your parents are making (an example of a factor people often forget when running NPCs). NPCs may not be accurate if your parents are divorced, own a business, or own real estate beyond a primary home.

Got it. Thanks!

I am not a financial pro but don’t pay more then the COA…

Depending on your financial situation many get $20-30,000/year OOS. Again, everyone’s situation is different.

Wait so 20000-30000 as an award?? or like is that the estimated price

Your missing the point. There is no award. This is financial aid based on financial need. You won’t read a lot about it here since the families on CC tend to have a better financial base but of course we all want money for our kids to go to college. But there have actually been some in recent years on here as well. This is not merit but financial aid.

Yikes! Are you sure that was UMich NPC? Direct costs would be at most $64-66k a year (not saying it’s cheap), - that is tuition, fees, and room/board -
Maybe you were looking at USC’s NPC :slight_smile:

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We do not qualify for financial aid, but my kid does get a grant and separate departmental scholarship that brings costs down to levels of our instate options (UVA, W&M). Grant and scholarship information were not included in the NPC and were only on the financial aid offer. For comparison purposes, my kid is high stats from a nationally-known high school who also got some other good scholarship offers (incl. T20 schools). I’m glad it worked out with UM for my kid, but they would have certainly gone to another school if we didn’t have the grant/scholarship.

OK - so just a little vent here, and also looking for any real advice if anyone has it…

My D was accepted into Stamps back on 1/29, very excited. We subsequently got an estimated (and then “final”) financial aid package through February. Not much to write home about (and nowhere NEAR the amount to close the gap b/t our EFC). When asked, they said this was general grant $$ from UMich, not from the Stamps School of Art & Design.

I encouraged my daughter to reach out to Stamps and ask whether there would be any possibility for “artistic merit” aid from (based on portfolio) to supplement her U-M grant, and she was told to wait until “early April”. Still nothing… every other school has communicated their final total packages except UMich, and she has been wanting to commit since 1/29 but can’t. I don’t want to break her heart, but I’m beginning to lose hope that they’ll be able to deliver.

Have any other Stamps acceptances been awarded anything from the school? I don’t want to get too involved as the parent, but obviously they’re expecting us parents to foot the bill. I just want to have time to make a case before May 1

I disagree with you. Get involved. Call financial aid and see what else they can do. They do make mistakes. Also has your financial situation changed at all due to covid?.. Etc…let them relook at your case…