UMich School of Kinesiology EA 2025

Hey y’all! I thought it would be nice to create a discussion thread for people who applied to UM Kines this year. I rarely find people who apply there so maybe we could all share our stats and what major we applied to.

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My D applied movement science. 3.9UW, 4.1 W but only 27 on ACT (cancelled on her 3 times). She has amazing LOR’s and EC’s and leadership. She knows probably a long shot because of ACT which is a bummer.

I have very similar stats. Applied as an exercise science major. I’m pretty sure Kines has lower standards for test scores compared to the rest of umich but im not sure.

Son applied to Sports Management there. He wants dual major with Ross.

We are OOS (IL), so he knows it’s a tough row to hoe, at least the Ross part.
SAT 1550 (1560 super, inc. 800 Math)
ACT 34
13 out of 552 students
3.96 GPA (but likely to go down to 3.94 after this semester).
2 varsity sports plus some part-time job (pre-COVID) and some extracurriculars and volunteering.

He totally fell in love when we went in August, but UMich is, I believe, OOS-adverse, especially with $$.

My son applied Exercise Science. Ultimately wants to end up in healthcare (sports, rehab) in some way.

SAT 1540
Strong ECs, leadership, strong gpa, sports, LoR

Good luck to everyone!!!

Hey! These are my stats- major is Sport Management
-ACT: 35
-GPA: 4.0 UW & 5.17 W
-11 APs (4&5 on all tests that I’ve taken)
-Competitive Equestrian for 12 years
-Volunteer at a therapeutic riding center
-Volunteer with the Miami Dolphins Foundation (goal is to work on the business side of an NFL team)
-Was mentored by the Director of Research and Strategy of the NY Jets over the summer and researched sports analytics
-Phone banked to register voters throughout quarantine
-Involved in 6 honor societies and have leadership positions in two
-Awards: AP scholar with distinction, National Merit Commended Scholar, US Equestrian Federation Lettering Program recognition
-Strong essays

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i know i’m late to this but bud, if you don’t get in, i have no shot haha.

Does it make it easier or harder to apply for a specific major or are we all facing the same competition if we applied to the school of kines?

i would think it would be by major? because people applying for athletic training or movement science are probably going to have different extracurriculars than sports management hopefuls. i don’t know for sure though

Did anyone get into Sports Management program? If yes, please share your stats.

Does anyone know if you have a better chance of getting into Michigan if you are in state? I applied for sports management and got deferred, but I have been seeing a lot of out of state people get in for sports management.

Where are you seeing all the out of state admissions for sports management ?

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I have just seen a lot on social media pages! Most of the people I have seen post about getting in for SM have been out of state.

thanks-- college confidential is very quiet on the topic. I dont see anything

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