UMinn Twin Cities vs. SJSU vs. UCSC

Help! I applied for biomedical engineering at UMinn Twin Cities & San Jose State, and Business Management Economics at UC Santa Cruz. I don’t know which college to choose - my ultimate goal as of right now is to become a PA, but I might change after getting a feel of the different classes I’ll end up taking.

My top major is biomedical engineering, since it’ll let me take a majority of the classes required for PA school. Living in California, San Jose is the cheapest but I’ve read that they don’t have the best program for biomed.

If I didn’t have to worry about cost, I would 100% choose UMinn because I love the cold and I love the feeling I got from the campus doing the online tour and talking to other people. However, it is quite a distance from California and I’m worried about being able to afford the cost when I am thinking of attending PA school

San Jose just seems like the best option both tuition wise and career wise but from the campus tour I just didn’t get the feeling of belonging / happiness that I thought I might get.

UCSC also has a beautiful campus, I’m love being in nature if it wasn’t clear. I also enjoy learning about economics and I have heard that a lot of accounting / business companies look at hiring people from UCSC and UCSB, which is something I also have to think about.

I definitely need help deciding which route to take, please let me know if you guys have advice!!