UMN Class of 2025 — Regular Decision Release Date: By Mar 31

Anyone receive admission decisions yet for Fall 2021 ?

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Son’21 got accepted into U Minnesota twin cities collage of science & engineering on 9/21!
OOS, application complete on 9/9

Congratulations! Was your son notified via email to check the application tracker?

No - he checked the tracker to see if a recommendation had been uploaded and right at the top of the page (above where it said his application is complete) it had a link for a status update that, when clicked on, was his acceptance letter. In the checklist also was a new item that was something about paying the enrollment deposit. That said, he is a text guy, thinks email is for old people and may not have noticed it. But at least he checks the portals 2x per week.

Same with my DD! She is not on top of her emails at all! I will make sure she checks the tracker. She applied to the CLA and her app was complete at the end of August so I was expecting to hear back from UMN-TC soon. Thanks!

Best of luck!
And it could be that the different colleges go through applications at different speeds, so don’t let her get nervous about the timing!

Son applied mid Aug to CLA; in state - also have not heard anything

They received my daughter’s completed application last Wed, 9/24. She just received an email of status change and was accepted to CLA!

She is OOS, 4.0 UW/4.45 W and had no test scores.

My daughter was also accepted, back on 9/21, into CSE. She is OOS, with 3.96/4.6, and 1540 SAT. So happy to have an engineering acceptance!

UPDATE: DD received an email that a status update is available on the tracker at around 430 pm Monday. Status update on the tracker took her to the acceptance letter. OOS; CLA- Application Complete 8/31; Acceptance Notification 10/5

Son notified of completed application on 9/28.
Accepted on 10/5. Email said to check tracker.
In-State, Engineering, 3.93 UW, 4.10 W, 1430 SAT.

Congratulations to all accepted!
Anyone know when they notify those accepted into Honor’s colleges? Is it all at once after all EA decisions come out or might they let students already accepted to the university know sooner? (doubt it will happen for us, but still super excited just to be in!)

@momof21 Looking at last year’s post, kids started hearing at the end of October.

Received the snail mail acceptance and admitted student guide today. Definitely makes it feel more real. Question to those in-state (or from states near by). We live in the south, how bad are the winters? I grew up in Boston, but have been told the Midwest winters are much more harsh… We laughed that none of the photos in the student guide (or on the website) show the campus or students in snow… What might my dear son be getting himself into weather-wise? Will he survive? :smiley:

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@momof21 - I’ve lived in MN all of my 51 years (except for a few years in WI) so to me, the winters are just “normal”. :wink: My current UMN student is also one that wears shorts practically year round. He might have on a down coat and hat and gloves…but shorts. LOL

No lie, it can get pretty nasty, but the U does have the “Gopher Way”, a series of tunnels and skyways connecting buildings. To me they’re just a massively confusing web, but students learn them to get out of the cold.

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@cshell2 thank you for the information! The tunnels sound like a great idea (I know McGill in Montreal has them too). He says he is adaptable and looking forward to experiencing something new, so I will just have to trust him on that! I suspect he wont be wearing shorts in the winter like your son LOL, or at least not the first year if he does go to UMN. Thank you again.

There was an update on the UMN tracker when my D checked today, and surprise, surprise, she was admitted to the Honors Program! Neither of us had an email alert on this, so it’s definitely important to just keep up with the portal.

DD applied 10/13. Accepted CSE 10/19.

In-state, 3.87 UW GPA, 35 ACT. Waiting to see if accepted into Honors College.

My S was accepted today into the College of Nursing. He submitted the application on 10/16. OOS 1320 SAT, 4.5 W GPA. We are excited and did not expect to hear so quickly.
When would we expect to hear about Honors or potential merit aid?

I just applied a few days ago
3.7 gpa (weighted) 3.64 gpa (unweighted)
applied to CSOM for 1st choice and CEHD for 2nd choice.

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